The Original Setting


Welcome to the 26th Century

Our original science-fiction setting is the backbone of our creative endeavour. All projects are based on a singular setting ensuring everything we produce forms part of a cohesive saga.

Be a part of the story. Put your personal touch on the setting. Become a co-producer of this exciting saga!


The future is bright, the future is space:

In the 26th Century, faster-than-light travel across space is a fact of life. People travel in starships powered by vortex drives. 4 major powers are competing for dominance over the Milky Way Galaxy, and thousands of alien species live, work, and play together on the inhabited planets of the galaxy. Humans, united under the banner of the Terran Democratic Republic are one of the 4 major vying for power, supported by their allies the Rosebourgs. We've overcome a lot since the 21st century, but our very survival as a species is now at stake.


A war-torn setting spread across the Milky Way Galaxy:

At the turn of the 26th Century, war has broken out. 100 years of peace administered by an Organisation for Interstellar Peace has been shattered. As the forces of the major powers gear up for war – what story will inspire you? Will it be the lone soldier fighting for his life on an alien world, or the starship captain forming part of a major space fleet? Perhaps you will be a civilian facing food quotas to support the troops? Will you be drawing the ships, or the planets? Will you put to music the tensions of war?


4 factions, and 8 alien species to explore:

The setting is vast and can incorporate a wide variety of creative projects. Whether you're part of the future of humanity and its Terran Democratic Republic, or you seek to define the twilight years of the empire of their allies: the Rosebourg Monarchy… whether you seek to join the skilled warriors of the Gohorn Directorate as they fight a two-front war against the humans and the Rosebourgs… whether you want to experiment with interspecies integration with the Luna Minoris Confederacy, each major power offers limitless potential. And if that's not enough, you too can create a minor species and enrich the setting even further!


Expansive, finely detailed, for you to interpret:

Lots has already been written about the setting and these existing building blocks are outlined in the Resources section. Whether your interest is historical, cultural, or technical, our chronicles help ensure compatibility across the projects and also to disseminate anything you produce so that others can build off of your work. Anyone can create their own world within the setting, and since your projects also feed the setting, don't be afraid to create, explore, and contribute!