Our Project Teams

Work, play, and collaborate. At New Worlds Project, our community is powered by the collaborative efforts of creative individuals to enrich the common inspiration platforms. Working together, they jointly create new creative works which New Worlds Project publishes and sells on their behalf. Royalties earned are used to finance the community and further reward those who contribute to its success. All project teams welcome new members in their midst, so don’t hesitate to join and contribute your ideas!


Writing Teams

New World’s Project’s writing teams welcome dozens of writers using the common platform to write various short stories, novellas, and novels exploring various aspects of the setting. From war stories, to romantic comedies, the New Worlds Project setting enables collaborative story-writing mainly using our website’s discussion forums. Some members of the writing teams write in solo but nonetheless refer to the common platform so that all stories are part of one and the same saga.


Graphics Team

New Worlds Project facilitates a Graphics Team composed of talented amateur and professional graphic artists covering the 2D and 3D spectrums. They bring to life the common platform and produce amazing artwork. Some of these are commissioned for exclusive use as part of the New Worlds Project common platform using a fixed annual budget or commissioned by our Premium Members, whilst other works are produced on a voluntary basis.


Music Team

New Worlds Project’s platform has inspired talent musicians to compose musical arrangements which are featured prominently on the website to inspire the other teams. The website therefore provides unique and exclusive musical compositions design to unblock any writer’s or artist block in the middle of a creative process.


Support Team

These tireless community organisers keep the place running. They welcome new members and ensure everyone feels empowered to contribute in the project teams. The Support Team manages and maintains community resources. They organise inspirational boosters (i.e. events, role-playing games). The Team also ensures all outputs are compatible with the common platforms.


Editorial Team

The Editorial Team fulfils a critical role by reviewing the outputs declared ready for publication. Editing to ensure the final output is typo-free ensures creative works sold to the public meet the highest quality standards. This is particularly key for collaborative projects that may involve the contributions of dozens of individuals of varying writing styles and level of proficiencies.