360⁰ Creativity

From start to finish and back again, our community aims to support your 360⁰ creative potential. We believe our role is to support you in dreaming things up, in executing projects with a view to publishing the outcome:


120⁰ Dream…

  • Common framework to unleash your creative potential: Our Setting
  • Projects are based on the setting, making them intertwined
  • Tap into previous projects and use them as inspiration for yours
  • Our community supports and enriches your creative process
  • Framework is open-ended, anyone can build on top of it


240⁰ Produce…

  • Collaborative fiction platforms for writers
  • Project teams and platforms for visual artists and musicians
  • Get motivated using our role-playing game boosters
  • Collaborate in a project team to support your creative process
  • Get encouragement and feedback from peers in the community


360⁰ Publish…

  • Taking what you produce to the next level from start to finish
  • We publish finished creative works completed in a 365 day period
  • Creative works are sold in our Shop and via partner networks
  • Royalty programme ensures some of the earnings go back to you!
  • Everything produced is part of the framework and inspires other

This is 360⁰ Creativity.