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UNPPF Headquarters (Cairo, Earth), Sol (504.11.20: 20th November 2504) - The Republic must halt the free market system and enact an economic control unheard of in order to finance the war.

This is what comes out as the central advice of the military's Report on the Economic Costs of the War.

The military has explained that the war is consting much more than was originally expected and that replacement parts for all branches of the military are not arrive rapidly enough.

This is proving difficult due to the increased damage being observed by the military branches.

"There is very little sign of an extraordinary diplomatic solution to the conflict. We are learning it the hard way and so are our allies," Lieutenant General Grip explained in a speech to the General Assembly, "The Gohorns are in it for the long haul, they have made the decision to turn this into a total war."
Military analysts have begun echoing the General's analysis that a total war is in the making.

Diplomats fear that this would rule out any chances of an LMC-coordinated conciliation which many thought might still have a remote chance.

The UNPPF has been hindered by an economy that by and large operates as if it were still a peace time economy.

The military is asking for a much more centralised control of the economy that places military demands ahead of private consumer goods.

In particular, it is badly in need of spare parts to replace those damaged in battle exchanges.

Last month alone, 36 starships were destroyed and 229 suffered varying extents of battle damage.

In peace time, it would have taken several years before these kinds of losses would be recorded by a military census.

The UNNPF proposal is meeting some opposition from various industrial groups that fear ramifications of government seizing control of their companies.

Pacifists have also called the call shameful and are demanding the Republic studies once more diplomatic options to the conflict.

However, with the current reports confirming worse-case scenarios that this war may drag out for at least a decade, it is hard to see peace time operations continuing as usual.

The UNPPF is being bolstered by the fact the Rosebourgs are considering similar measures and aren't even experiencing the same amount of fighting.

"It's clear that the Gohorn economy has already switched into an economy at war time and look how far they're getting with it. We have to stop giving them an advantage which they shouldn't even have."

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