07 Feb 2016    Cherokee21
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The TDR has recently begun negotiating with the newly formed Buhaat Conglomerate to help aid in the fight against the Gohorn.

Meeting on the planet Hera II, the Buhaat had asked for support with military vessels and infantry in exchange for serving as a 'buffer' between them and the Directorate.

Grand Minister Vidus Zajik expressed his views,
We both have a common enemy on our doorstep; obviously the Republic needn't waste more lives, so we offer our services. It may seem like a stretch, being barely a government and all, but Buhaat used to handle far worse.

Also in the deal, the Buhaat would be granted the Planets of Esau, Antilles and Kapol, along with many other star systems captured, after the war was over.

While the thought of wasting other species lives was problematic, Admiral Helen O'Malley had this to say,
While we have our doubts about the capabilities of the Conglomerate, he [the Grand Minister] brings a good point.

More as this story develops

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