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Jar'Remteklar, Gohorn Prime (504.07.07) - For exemplary military services above and beyond the call of the Directorate, Battle General Raetan has been awarded the Gret'Thal Medal of the Directorate by Chief Saljak.

Battle General Ratean, a prime subordinate of War General Omanais singularly responsible for capturing four planets from the grip of the Terran Democratic Republic, and restoring the pride of Gohorn warriors everywhere.In several daring campaigns, Honoured Battle General Ratean personally led men in to battle against Terran defensive positions, destroying them with a minimum of losses.

Ratean has proven himself to be an exemplary officer in using starship and Fightercraft support to his advantage and is the mastermind of the new Pheln'Jarth Manoeuvre, which involves tempting enemy atmospheric fighters in to the upper atmosphere where they can be destroyed by bombardment from starship weaponry.

In further honour of the distinguished Battle General, a new type of hover tank, about to be brought in to general use will be named the Ratean Tank.

Battle General Ratean has attributed his success to the great culture, society and traditions of the Directorate which taught him true values and the meaning of being a Gohorn.

With so many of our esteemed leadership proving themselves worthy of all they have earned in "peace" the future is surely bright for the Directorate as we press home our attack against the Terrans and now the Rosebourg Monarchy.

May their successes inspire younger warriors to follow their example and serve the Directorate will mind, body and soul.

GMB 15:15 504.07.07

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