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Gohorn Mission to the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds (Imyt), Luna Minoris (504.07.03) - The Gohorn Directorate and the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds will continue trading weapons technology as part of the ongoing trade deal which exists between the two powers, the Government confirmed today.

The Gohorn Directorate had been worried by reports from the Confederacy's media that certain members of the Confederacy were having second thoughts about the trade deal which has been at the cornerstone of the Gohorn-Confederacy trade partnership.

The Directorate is now confident that the trade deal will continue for many years to come as part of a deal which has for many years reinforced the friendship amongst our two governments.

The Directorate has committed itself to help the LMC's High House of Economy overcome allegations that its weapons deal is violating the LMC's neutrality statement.

The Directorate, having no wish to see innocent bystanders get involved in our righteous combat, will be sending some of our economic law experts in order to point out how the Directorate is not using the trade deal to unduly influence LMC foreign policy.

A special delegation will no doubt be named to proceed to Acadanan, where the roots of the criticisms have originated.

"We can understand that some of the LMC member states may be weary to be forced on one side or another. The Terrans seem to be eager to get everyone to participate in what is a war which they started. Since they can't get the Monarchy to fight their war for them, they're now trying to get the LMC in there too."

The Directorate will do everything it needs to do to ensure the Terran diplomatic game ends with a resounding Gohorn victory.

GMB 22:34 504.07.03

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