09 Nov 2014    AlexTPerry
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Farkot Colony, The Fringe Systems (504.06.23) - Internal disturbances on the Farkot Colony, caused by mentally unstable members of our society were forcefully put down today, after five days of intensive clashes with the military defence forces of the Farkot Colony.

The unstable, warriors who have been deemed mentally unsuited to military service due to excessively violent behaviour, began attacking the defence force randomly after an execution of a known antagonist on the Colony, working on the behest of the unstable.

Artillery were called in, and the settlement housing many of the unstable was oblitereated by the Remteklar to serve as an example to the other unstable about the consequences of defiance to the Directorate.

A further two settlements were raized during the conflict, but the unstable have been brought back under control. The response of the Remteklar to this incident should serve as a warning to other unstables reading this briefing, your excessively violent actions will be met with deadly force.

GMB 15:13 504.06.19

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