09 Nov 2014    AlexTPerry
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Military Tribunal, Makansh (504.06.19) - Regent Admiral Hedron has been found guilty of crimes against the Gohorn Directorate. The Regent Admiral, a collaborator with the Otrez Regime and saboteur for his underground supporters, has been sentenced to death for his acts of savagery.Using his power as Regent Admiral, Hedron ordered the bombing of the GDS Gejyak, on board which 293 warriors lost their lives. He, furthermore, ordered atrocities across his sector towards our noble civilian population, including the destruction of one of the public information facilities on Makansh itself.

Hedron has shown no remorse for his crime and publicly admits his gross complicity. Our venerable Chief, Saljak, told the War Council that:

"Otrez and his supporters remain a stain on the honour of the Directorate. We must ensure, with all necessary force, that the infection which once blighted our space is plucked out. The execution of Regent Admiral Hedron will send a message to the Otrez-loyal groups working to undermine the power of Gohorn in the outer sectors that we are not afraid, and that we are coming for them."

Since the popular revolution three years ago, many supporters of Otrez and his government have surfaced and been swiftly dealt with by our newest Chief. Regent Admiral Hedron is just one in a long list of self-confessed criminals who are an abomination to the majority of loyal Gohorn citizens. Our Chief has shown courage and fortitude in fighting all traitors to the Directorate, both foreign and domestic.

GMB 15:13 504.06.19

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