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United Nations House of Representatives, Sao Paolo, Earth (504.09.07: 14th September 2504) - A new bill, published by the Republic Party and put before the House of Representatives has received a lot of criticism from all sides of the political spectrum.

Named the "Defence of the Realm" Bill, and containing new legislation giving greater powers to the military police and United Nations Internal Security, many have argued that it is a contravention of civil rights.

"How many times in the past has national security been used as a prelude to an authoritarian state?"
Civil rights campaigner Andrea Nahaffle said, speaking in a press conference shortly after the Bill was presented to the House.

However, many in the Republic Party argue that this Bill will protect the citizens of the Republic during the War.

"We can't bury our heads in the sand and ignore the realities of today. We are at war, today. Our enemies are trying to destroy us, today. We must know who they are and what they can do!"
Congressman Zhou Tsiang-Zeng proclaimed.

Many legislators in both houses have expressed concern with the Bill, which they say would fundamentally "alter the way we enforce the law in this Republic."

The bill widens the investigatory powers of UNIS and the military, granting them the right to search any property without asserting "reasonable just cause" before hand. I

t extends the time that suspects can be held without charge to 2 weeks, and allows evidence that in the past would have been considered "illegally collected" to be admissible in court.

A group of congressman have already proposed an amendment to the Bill, adding a provision whereby the legislation expires six months after the formal declaration of the war's end, concreting that these new laws are only a temporary measure until the Gohorn threat has been dealt with.

The debates will be fierce, and EGNN will bring you all the latest, as it happens...

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