Bug report #1

7 years ago
Tue Feb 17 2015Garmt
So, like was requested, I am kicking the tires on various bits and pieces of the website. Profile first, forum second. What I've noticed thus far in terms of bugs:

- When setting an avatar, it does display in the settings page, but not in the profile page. Gravatar avatars do work and overwrite previously selected avatars.
- When trying to move a forum thread (wanted to move this to Support), It says the thread is moved, but it remains solidly in place.

Other than that I will continue my quest to squash bugs. I'll list them here.
7 years ago
Funnily enough, when trying to move it from inside the topic, it didn't work. When adminning it from the forum page, rather than inside the topic, it did.

I did notice that the post a reply button at the bottom didn't work. The one at the top did.
7 years ago
Hey Garmt,

Thanks for those. The CMS comes with its own avatar system, but our designers decided to go with Gravatar for our specific install so I think it's clearly confusing the system. Will flag that one up with the designers to sort out.

Will double-check on the forum issue, the forums are still very much a WIP, so we might have to try this again when the we're actually using the appropriate skin.