Frequently Asked Questions

Royalties Programme

You can earn royalties by posting to a solo or collaborative project. Completed projects submitted in time for our September deadline will be considered for inclusion in the product range of New Worlds Project: Shop (and our distribution partners) for that year.

Depending on your role in the project, you are entitled to a fair share of the royalties. For collaborative projects, project leaders earn at least 35% of the total royalties available, whilst each of the other contributions earn a proportion of the remaining royalties always lower than the project leader's share. Solo project contributors receive the totality of royalties allocable for their project.

If the project is included in an anthology, each project is awarded a proportion of the royalties earned for that anthology, this is further divided for collaborative projects.
Depending on your role in the project, you are entitled to an amount of the royalties earned on the anthologies we sell that contain your contributions. Once a year, we will calculate the royalties earned through the inclusion of the story in the anthology.

We attribute a fixed 35% royalty for the project leader. New Worlds Project takes a fixed 20% overhead to cover the costs of the services.

Each remaining contributor is entitled to a share of the 45% remaining royalty. To define the share, we count the number of chapters created by the contributor and published to the website for the story. We tally up the number of chapters provided by the contributors [taking out those of the project leader] to identify how much of the remaining royalties each contributor is entitled to.

Collaborative project "Alpha Numeris" was completed with 21 chapters, of which 7 were written by the project leader, and the other 14 were written by 3 contributing writers. Writer A wrote 7 of the other chapters, Writer B wrote 4, and Writer C wrote 3. Based on our royalties programme's rules, Writer A is entitled to 50% of the remaining royalties (or 22.5% of the total, versus the project leader's 35%), Writer B is entitled to 28.5% (12.8% of the total), and Writer C is entitled to 21.4% (9.6% of the total).
New Worlds Project takes a 20% share on royalties for each revenue-generating project. Publishers can take up to 90% of your royalties so we feel we're offering a pretty good deal, and literary agents can often take up to an additional 10-15% on your remaining royalties!
Rest assured, as New Worlds Project ASBL is a non-profit, all revenue generated is redirected back into our community and is subject to the rigorous control of the New Worlds Project ASBL Board of Directors, the General Assembly (which you can join by becoming a Premium Member), and the Belgian Government. The overhead is generally used to finance:
  • Additional editing costs
  • Advertising and promotional activities
  • Website maintenance, and hosting
  • Website development
  • Banking and legal fees
  • Graphics commissions (cover designs, knowledge base)
  • Product distribution and production costs
  • Staffing costs