Writing Team

New World’s Project’s writing teams welcome dozens of writers using the common platform to write various short stories, novellas, and novels exploring various aspects of the setting. From war stories, to romantic comedies, the New Worlds Project setting enables collaborative story-writing mainly using our website’s discussion forums. Some members of the writing teams write in solo but nonetheless refer to the common platform so that all stories are part of one and the same saga.
  • Manuel

    Creative Writer
    He has always been passionate about science fiction, as a key to think about the future of our species. It is the perfect mixture: there is the creativity, and there is the interpretation of reality, all in one cocktail. He is ready to devour any sci-fi book. The science of Clarke, the prophecies of Asimov, the daring explorations of Heinlein, the political schemes of Herbert. New Worlds immediately captivated him. It is far into the future, and puts together different cultures, ideologies, and aspirations, a grand scale conflict, a universe which is, to the eye of the imagination, all there to explore. Here on the NWP, he knows he can meet like-minded people, ready to flex some creative muscles, and to help one another. He is keen on adding his bit to this great story, and to see where it leads him, and all others who will want to join this creative adventure.
  • Garmt

    Creative Writer
    I got involved with New Worlds after a call went out some two years ago on the Tazlure Facebook page, looking for writers to join the project. Tazlure, also an online writing community, had been dormant at that stage for years and I felt compelled to do some more online writing. So I joined up and did some early work on a few short stories for the relaunch. All the while I was also working on my own stories, waiting for the project to kick into full gear so I could develop the characters that I had come up with further and to see this new setting come to life once again
  • Kim

    Creative Writer
    Co-Founder of the New Worlds Project. A Dutch citizen, Kim has been essentially responsible for managing the volunteer staff and handling most external relations for the New Worlds Project.

    A graduate of the University of Maastricht, he majored in European Studies and European Public Affairs.

    Kim has administered numerous role-playing games and websites for well over a decade. He co-founded the Star Trek-based Generation 2498, Galactic Voyagers Club and Star Voyagers Club before meeting Alex in the Star Trek: Independence group and subsequently founding New Worlds Project in 2001.

    He is currently employed as ESOMAR's Government Affairs Manager - responsible for representing the interests of the market, social, and opinion research industry in front of government bodies worldwide.
  • Glenn

    Creative Writer
    Glenn Gregory brings a wide range of experiences to The New Worlds Project. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management. Glenn has worked as a stockbroker and a small business consultant. He has helped several entertainment enterprises upgrade and helped others to start.

    He has been a member of the New Worlds Project since 2005 and a staff member from the same year. He has been The Members Liaison and a writer for many threads. He found New Worlds searching for a sci-fi role play and this was it for him.

    A native of Utah, he served on a US nuclear submarine, and has travelled widely in Europe and throughout the United States. Glenn has finished two feature length screenplay and is currently developing another. He has recently entered the Utah film community coproducing a short "Immoral Decay" and “Boys at the Bar” He looks forward to develop quality films in Utah.