Graphics Team

New Worlds Project facilitates a Graphics Team composed of talented amateur and professional graphic artists covering the 2D and 3D spectrums. They bring to life the common platform and produce amazing artwork. Some of these are commissioned for exclusive use as part of the New Worlds Project common platform using a fixed annual budget or commissioned by our Premium Members, whilst other works are produced on a voluntary basis. Support them and support New Worlds Project and commission them to custom create your characters, ship, faction logos, and more in our shop!
  • James

    Lead Artist for Cityscapes
    James is a self taught artist from the UK. He has a particular interest in the Sci-Fi genre. He was asked to do some environment work for NWP, which I thoroughly enjoyed. He looks forward to more work next year! Feel free to commission him if you need a beautiful matte painting done.
  • Erwin

    Branding Master
    Erwin is a freelance graphic design artist and a gamer. He was registered on our old legacy site, received a message regarding a reboot, and joined the team. He works best with simple 2D graphic design, so don't hesitate to commission him if you need some graphics done!
  • Christian

    Matte Artist, Cityscapes
    He started his journey in digital imaging in the early 2000s. Since then he has tried himself on several different things, may it be Screen/Print design, Photography or Animation. He settled with Fantasy and Sci-Fi based artworks which gained him some exposure in magazines and books.

    Christian is always interested in exploring new projects and is available for commissioning.
  • Richard

    Supporting Artist for Starships
    He found out about New Worlds through sci-fi meshes, and got to know Kim, really thought we meshed quite well, if you’ll pardon the pun, he is available for a starship commissions whenever one is needed.
  • Anton

    Lead Artist for Starships
    Anton is a painter. He began to draw just about 5 years ago. His grandfather was a painter too - and he thinks maybe he inherited his talent. He studied painting by himself and attended Photoshop courses, and all the rest of it he studied by himself too. He was invited to New Worlds Project by Kim and has since been named lead starship designer for New Worlds Project. He thinks this project is excellent, likes it and is happy to work for this project - because of the science-fiction theme! He believes that sci-fi is our future! So don't hesitate to commission him for your next starship design!
  • Sebastien Hue

    Matte Artist, Cityscapes
    Sebastien Hue aka Shue13, is a french digital artist who lives in Paris' suburb, self-taught, he started around 5 years ago when inspired by the likes of Dylan Cole. Sebastien decided to teach himself the ins and outs of digital painting, initially starting out with Photoshop - "I used to make logos for music bands but I eventually progressed deeper into CG graphics, 3D programs and matte painting." He is available for commissions on New Worlds Project.

    "A far cry from band logos, Sebastien certainly had a hidden talent for imagining spectacular landscapes. Fuelled by passions he channels his love for science fiction and the diversity of the visual arts straight into his work, seeking to add scale, depth and drama into his intricately detailed designs." ImagineFX Issue 101 FXposé gallery Friday 13th, September 2014.