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Basic Information

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Profession: Bounty Hunter, Mercenary-For-Hire
Age: 32 years old
Date of Birth: 10/7/2484
Height: 5' 9" m
Weight: 200 lb kg
Eye: Emerald
Hair: Black cornrows
Skin/Fur: Dark brown.
Distinguishing Feature: Well defined muscles, and Tattoo on his right pectoral that says "Merci"
Species: Human
Citizenship: Luna Minoris Confederacy
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Widowed

Family History

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown

Character’s Biography

Personal History:
Born Charles Kendrick Foley, he began work early when he was ten. By the time he was 14, he had been established as a Factory Manager in ExoGuns Manufacturing. Here, he had a good idea of how guns could be made, even enhanced. Soon, he moved to another planet to find work in the Lunar Minoris system. 

Foley soon married a fellow worker by the name of Merci Barnaba. Unfortunately, she was deemed sterile when they wanted to have a child. Merci eventually found a new purpose, with the Ratel Ruushi. Here she introduced Foley to the white-knuckled world of the militia; both adopting code names, Foley taking the name of the norse god, Loki. Eventually, Merci was struck with a severe illness that killed her in the later years.

Leaving the Ratel Ruushi behind, he continued on to be a mercenary, scrounging up whatever money he needed. Several successful missions has put him on the watch list by the Rosebourg Monarchy & the Terran Democratic Republic, yet the Gohorn describe him as an idol, stating that he did what a true Gohorn should do. The LMC, while not enthusiastic, called him a "valuable asset". 

  • Assassination of Herbert Travis (2,000 Credits)
  • Aiding Gohorn Forces in the Battle of Taurus Belt (300,000 Credits)
  • Infiltrating Rosebourg occupied Military bases (234,000 Credits)
  • Stealing Plans for a new Fusion-Operated Capital Ship (320,000 Credits)

For information

Author’s Notes on the Character:

I honestly wanted him to be a total badass. Everything i want him to be was inspired by '80s action heroes, Boba Fett, Master Chief, and every other hotshot in every media made to date.

I wanted him to represent the minority group that exists today. He's not just a muscle man, he can plan various tactics, analyze the patterns of enemies, and has enough ability to persuade others of his views.

Also, there is a little humanity in him, showing he hasn't lost his way. He can be cold, but that's just his "work mode". He can be a fun guy.

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