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Gohorn Directorate

An advanced industrial society, the Declothans are a humanoid species, the most human looking within the Directorate.

Proportioned very similarly to humans, however with different hair and eye colours, as well as webbing on the hands and feet, Declothans are used by the Gohorn Directorate as infiltrators into the Terran Democratic Republic.

Once their distinctive brow-ridges that cross their foreheads horizontally, and their webbing, are removed, they become almost indistinguishable from human beings.

The Declothans are a conflicted people. Half of the population are in favour of Gohorn Directorate rule, and from this side of the population Declothan infiltrators are selected.

However, there is also a strong underground movement whose violence resurges once each decade, before being crushed.

The resistance movement have not ingratiated themselves with the Declothan population either, the Declothan administration work in partnership with the Regent Governor to drive out the resistance and return peace to Declotha.

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