Caesar Class Fightercraft Carrier

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Ceaser Class Heavy Carrier 1920 x 1200 1610


Flag State: Terran Democratic Republic
Civilian Ship: No
Type: Heavy Fightercraft Carrier
Purpose: Forward Assault

Key Figures

Length: 12345 m
Width: 5611 m
Height: 4489 m
# built: 600
Crew: 1000
Compartment: 25

Comparative Ratings


Basic Description

Description of the Ship:

The Caesar class carrier is the biggest carrier ship in the galaxy. Dwarfing its DeGaulle class counterpart, the Caesar class is a giant, moving fighter deployment platform, containing many more fighters. However, the ship is also much slower and not very well armed, its fighters are meant to provide all of the protection it needs. Only one Caesar class carrier is needed per engagement, the sheer number of fighters it is capable of deploying means that further carrier support is not necessary.

Construction Details

First Commission: Hyperdate: 499.1.1 (1st of January, 2499)

Faster-than-Light Drive System

Vortex Drive Manufacturer: Vexicorp
Vortex Engine Model: Variable Geometry MXXX/PORQ-DG-MAN Class
Normal Cruising Speed: 4,000,312 km/sec
Emergency Speed: 5,285,119 km/sec
Maximum Speed: 5,001,887 km/sec

Defensive Systems

Anti-Fightercraft Defenses
Manufacturer: Sachs Military Supply Corporation
System Type: Mosquito Defence 10,212
Gun Batteries: 40

Countermeasures and Interceptors

Counter Measures:
Manufacturer: Olympus Defence Systems
Type: Antelope-1500
Range: 65000 Km
Payload: 60 maximum: 60
Anti Missile/Torpedoes Interceptors:
Manufacturer: Olympus Defence Systems
Type: Cobra-700
Range: 30032 Km
Payload: 25 maximum: 25

Laser System

Forward Laser Turrets: 2
Model: C-7
Firing Arc: 120 degree(s)
Firepower: 600 TW
Starboard Laser Turrets: 3
Model: C-6
Firing Arc: 120 degree(s)
Firepower: 600 TW
Port Laser Turrets: 3
Model: C-6
Firing Arc: 120 degree(s)
Firepower: 600 TW
Aft Laser Turrets: 2
Model: C-7
Firing Arc: 120 degree(s)
Firepower: 600 TW

Torpedo Systems

Forward Launchers: 2
Model: Swordfish
Available Payload: 30 torpedoes
Average Reload Time: 10 sec

Missile Systems:

Forward Launchers: 2
Model: Foxfire
Available Payload: 25 missiles
Average Reload Time: 10 sec
Aft Launchers: 2
Model: Foxfire
Available Payload: 25 missiles
Average Reload Time: 10 sec

Special Systems

Onboard System
Name: Anti-Sensor Detection System
Model: ASDS-6545-LK
Manufacturer: United Air and Space Institute
Description of System:
Note: Anti-Sensor Detection System only work against starships which are far away, and cause a considerable energy drain on the ship using it.

Main Compartments

Total Compartments: 25
  • 01: Main Bridge, Flight Control
  • 02: Senior Officers' Quarters, Lasers
  • 03: Junior Officers' Quarters
  • 04: Junior Officers' Quarters
  • 05: Medical Bay, Recreational Facilities
  • 06: Enlisted Officers' Quarters
  • 07: Enlisted Officers' Quarters
  • 08: Enlisted Officers' Quarters
  • 09: Main Computer Core
  • 10: Briefing Areas
  • 11: Armoury, Security Office, Brigs
  • 12: Torpedo Bays, Missiles
  • 13: Support Craft Bay
  • 14: Fighter Bay
  • 15: Fighter Bay
  • 16: Fighter Bay
  • 17: Fighter Bay
  • 18: Fighter Bay
  • 19: Main Engine Room
  • 20: Workshops
  • 21: Cargo Bays
  • 22: Cargo Bays
  • 23: Cargo Bays
  • 24: Environmental Systems
  • 25: Waste Recycling

Support Crafts on Board

Onboard Transport Pods: 10
Onboard Transport Crafts: 20
Onboard Repair Pods: 20
Onboard Fighter Crafts: 120

Main Bridge

The Main Bridge of the DeGaulle class carrier is its central hub during times of normal operations. It is a long room, consisting of two separate parts. In the Main Bridge area, the Captain's chair is the central feature. Around the central chair are other stations including operations, communications and tactical. At a station behind the Captain stands the Flight Relay Officer, who relays the Captain's orders between Flight Control and the Main Bridge when he is on the bridge. At the fore is the pilot's semi-circular set of consoles, and along the front wall are windows with a holographic display web installed in the struts, to zoom in on far away objects or focus on certain visuals. One door at the rear of the bridge leads to an elevator.

Over to the Captain's left is the Plot Room, which contains a tactical display screen (a transparent glass chart overlaid with computer lines and symbols to show borders and ships) and "tactical table," (slang: TacTable) a circular table from which the Captain can command the battle. Above the table a holographic image of the battle situation can be displayed in three dimensions, supplementing the tactical display screen which also shows the status of other vessels. Six crewmembers man the Plot Room in times of battle, only two when the vessel is at normal operations.

Flight Control

A circular room with a main table at the centre, much like the Plot Room. The screen on the aft wall displays the status of all of the ship's fighters when they have been deployed into combat. The central table displays a holographic projection of the battle, whilst the fore wall consists of the same holographic floor-to ceiling windows as the main bridge, allowing for an real view of the ensuing combat. Around the Flight Table there are other, free-standing consoles all facing towards it. A Squadron Leader, permanently assigned to Flight Control, coordinates the battle, and the Captain may also be present.

Ceaser Class Terran Ship Tech Spec by Anton Cherevan
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