Botanical Planet Spa

in Shoppers' Boulevard


Welcome to the Botanical Planet Spa 

Let us transport you to a place of nurturing, calm and tranquility. Where the air is fragrant with the scent of flowering olive grooves and the sound of water peacefully swaying against the sun kissed shores. Feel the energy flow through your body, as we pamper you in luxurious surroundings. 

Take a moment to regain your sense of serenity with several of our healthy remedies like our soothing Ranean Olive Oil Collection, cultivated in the Ranean region since antiquity, the Olive tree symbolizes peace, strength and resilency, our specialist will endulge your every whime as they bath you in a luxurious moisturing foam fill with antioxidant to soften and protect the sensual body. As you relax to the sight and sound of flowing water as it streams down a slate wall to a bed of smooth river stones. You will than be pamper with a soothing massage from head to toe with our unique blend of whipped body cream, rose petals, mint and jasmine. 

If you seek to body awareness, our trainers will help to contour your body with a program of flexibility, awareness and graceful movements developed decades ago by our ancestors. 

Come indulge in tranquility, our doors are always open for any one who wants to be sooth and pampered.
Location: Interior Botanical Planet Spa
In-Story Timestamp: 02/27/2516
By Velvet Deancer, Travis, AOM Glenn
With her arm curled around his, she leads him toward the massive gate that was laid with massive engravings of various designs, the colors spark of gold and silver highlights, slowly and carefully the gates open into a tree filled court yard. The breeze sweeps several leaves as it swirls around creating a very mysterous moment around them.
"Impressive, it's almost like you designed this moment", stated Travis with a grin to her.
"Smiled back to him," Well, I sort of did, this place is my own personal creation with the help of several trusted investors." As they moved towards the softly lite patio, lined with ripe sweet grape vines.
 "I meant the wind blowing just right, at the perfect time; but it's beautiful none the less" replied Travis walking towards the patio, while looking at the grapes. 
A simple smile on her face, she knew what he had meant yet she couldn't help but to be proud of this place, "Well, its a place where you can just relax too." Just than a 5'8 inch lady with a light color hair and emerald eyes appoarached them, 

"Good Evening Lady DeAncer, what may I help you with tonight?" 

"Ah, Lishi, yes there is something you could do for me tonight." Glancing to the grapes, "Have someone pick some grapes for tomorrows private party." 

Lishi nodded politely, "As you wish, m' Lady." Turning away from them, she whispered off to another standing there within the shadows of the candle lite patio. 
She glanced over watching him take in all the surroundings, it seemed to surprise her everytime someone new came to the grounds. 

Her thoughts were inturputed by Lishi by a quiet cough, " M'Lady a message has arrived for you, it requires your utter most attention." 

She responded, "I am sure it can wait for abit? Right, Lishi?" 

Lishi brow raised making that stern face, "I am sure it could but per your request that if Elysium...

Velvet turned quickly," Oh yes, that is correct." As her attention seemed a bit in the distance. "Please make sure that Travis, is well taken care off." 

As she turned to Travis, "Please excuse me, I have been waiting for this message to come, Lishi will make sure you are taken care off." With that a smile on her face as she moved to the inner dwellings of the spa.

Lishi raised her hand up to summon the others, standing near by "Please by all means do feel free to use any room in spa as a personel retreat for you, we have many luxurious ways to pamper you, as Ms. DeAncer requested we will take good care of you." As to that moment, several people emerged from the shadows. 

Lishi momentarily paused as she turned towards the doors, "Ms. Shaimin escort our guest to one of the retreat rooms in the south wing, I am sure he will find the room to his liking." As Shaimin appear to his left, letting her arm encircle his, leading him off to the south wing. 

Lishi eyes squinted as she made her way to Velvet's private space. The doors chimed of a heavenly tune. Hearing Velvet's voice respond "Enter"

Location: Exclusive Invitation--Botanical Planet Spa
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Velvet Deancer, Travis, AOM Glenn, AOM Kim
Lishi stood in front of the communication panel, pressing buttons as she made sure that the message was delivered to the 150 invited guest, and maybe some uninvited ones too. 

                                              ~~~~~EXCLUSIVE INVITATION~~~~~~ 

You are coordinately invited to an exclusive affair at the Botanical Planet Spa this evening. 

Come and join in on the fun as we celebrate Monty Walker's acquired success. 

Your hostess for tonight's gala, Velvet DeAncer. 

RSVP if you wish. 

****Black tie and formal attire required for this occasion.***
Location: Exclusive Invitation--Botanical Planet Spa
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Velvet Deancer, Travis, AOM Glenn, AOM Kim
Karl Tannebaum walked in his office, musing that the press conference went off fairly well and the news broadcasts were filled with discussion about the plants reamaining open and The Tour. Dominion hadn't even put out a comment by morning news, so TPI will get the 48 hours out of this. He keyed on his desk computer and noticed Skye had penciled out from 4:30 on today. Well, he would ask about that later. he checked the comms and found nothing interesting there, then he noticed messages one with a personal lock, He looked at the first and it read: 

"You are coordinately invited to an exclusive affair at the Botanical Planet Spa this evening. 

Come and join in on the fun as we celebrate Monty Walker's acquired success. 

Your hostess for tonight's gala, Velvet DeAncer. 

RSVP if you wish. 

Black tie and formal attire required for this occassion." 

Then he checked the personal locked message, his eyebrow raised as he keyed his code to unlock. He sat back in his chair and read it 5 or 6 times. He picked up his phone and pressed the security switch and dialed. Skye, the administrative assistant, knew she was only going to get one side of the conversation, but her connection could usually get her good money even for juicy rumors. She heard him begin: "Hello, yes this is Karl Tannebaum, yes may I speak to Lady Lishi please, yes, I will hold." Skye heard rustling of paper and waited patiently, "Yes, thank you, Lady Lishi, it was kind of you to invite me....... of course it is a very exciting time at TPI....... I have reservations regarding that topic, I try not to think a great deal about that, my primary responsibility is to the company....... I would be delighted to accompany you and I am sure we have much to speak about...... What I will be wearing? Why, actually the only thing I have would be my formal military uniform.... I see, as your guest, I am very honored, I know I will be the envy of everyone there.... Yes, I agree it would be best.... I prefer not to discuss it at the office... Yes, I am familiar with it...very private and may I ask you to call for a private room. If you wish..... Then at 2, I am looking forward to it....good day, Lady Lishi." 


"Yes Mr. Tannrbaum?" 

"What do I have this afternoon?. " 

"You are to go over the translators contracts with Mr. Healy at 1 and you have a dozen when can i meet with you requests." 

"See if Mr. Healy can see me at..... 10 and sandwich in as many of the requests as you can. I am out of here at noon today." 

"Yes Mr. Tannebam." 

Skye saw Karl lean over to study a contract and she knew he was lost for 20 minutes, so she quickly dialed an extension at TPI.... 

Tess... you are not going to believe this, but I swear I just heard it." 

"What is it?" 

"You know my boss? Mr. Straightlaced himself? Wel,l he has a date for lnuch and the reception tonight with..... wait you guess..." 

"Tannebaum, that buzzard sent me home for a skirt he said showed to much leg and the one whose wife and kids are on the way to the TDR? That Karl Tannebaum?" 

"The one and the same .. but go ahead and guess." 

"Not the blonde in scripting?' "No not even close Tess.... 

" SKYE, I can't stand it you have to tell me!... 

"Ok, Lady Lishi from the spa" 

"You are lying girl," 

" No, just wait I am sending word to RGF and I bet that he gets a picture. Then you'll see. Anyway talk to you later" 


"Yes Mr. Tannebam" 

"Was that Tess, again?" 

"Yes Sir" 

"Skye, I would prefer that the line be available for business, not for gossip." 

"Yes Sir."
Just as she was about to check on Shaimin and Travis, a call came through from spa receptionist, the intercomm flared on "Lady Lishi, you have a call from Mr. Tannebaum office, you would like to take the call or should I take a message?" 

Lishi responded, "No, No I can take the call, patch it through to me please." She picked up the phone and placed to her ear, as she touch one button to make sure the call was secure." Velvet taught her the one thing that was important about phone calls, always make sure the line is secure for any conversation. 

"Hello, Mr. Tannebaum, its good to hear your voice.........Of course it is, all the thing happening at TPI.......I am sure you have a great deal on your hands...of course the party that Velvet is holding in high regards to Mr. Walker.....I understand... I feel the same way..... Would you like to accompany me tonight?...... Formal wear....thats fine....:playful laugh: I am sure we do have much to discuss...Can you meet meet me at 2 so we can "talk" come to the Botanical Planet you need the address?.....I can arrange for a private room for us....Than I will see you at 2.....and good day to you Mr. Tannebaum." 

With that conversation ending on a good note, Lishi quickly making arrangements for this impompto meeting. 
Consul Remarque of the Rosebourg Consulate on Starport Nuribis looked at the invitation and smiled. He liked social functions, and he was all the more pleased by the fact that it went with his job. The Rosebourg Consulate on Starport Nuribis was an important window front for investments from abroad, and the biggest source of those investments were from well-to-do Terran companies like that of Mr. Walker. Perhaps there was an opportunity here, at least to know that if he needed to make business with the Rosebourg, he could count on the Consulate to help. 

"Daleen, please RSVP this invitation via the ICOM, let them know that the Rosebourg Consulate will be sending a delegation of two people. Myself and my bonded one." 

"Understood, Sir Consul."

Lishi glance at her communication device, receive a message from Rosebourg Consulate. She tapped the button and heard the RSVP, a soft smile crossed her face and confirmed the RSVP for two. 

With that she checked marked off Consul Remarque and guest. 

She knew she had a busy day today, wondering if she should double check with Velvet on some matters, yet she kept a study eye on the clock for her appointment at 2. She decided to finish up what she could and talk to Velvet later on.

Forsyth Grivyk IV was talking with Heath Jorr and Hannibal Teethran about their next raid when his data pad lit-up. He picked it up and read the message inviting him to an event that evening.

"Gentlemen, it appears as thought I have an event to attend to this evening. Jorr, I would like you to join me, as you know just as much about my company as I do. Hannibal, please return to The Sands Dementor to make sure that everything is on schedule."

"Jorr, I think we need to purchase some new formal wear for this evening. That's just as well, Avrielle needs some clothes as well."

Jorr and Hannibal stopped what they were doing, looked at Grivyk, looked at each other and then looked back at Grivyk. Jorr spoke first, "And who is Avrielle?"

"Oh, that's right, you two don't know about her. Well, she's a gorgeous Dividian that will be joining us on our next raid - NO QUESTIONS ASKED." He said the last phrase with enough authority and ferocity that both Jorr and Hannibal this particular discussion was over.

"Let's conclude our business here, then Jorr and I can go pick up Avrielle from the spa and go get our evening wear."

He sent a message back to Lishi, "Thank you for the invitation. I am bringing a party of three." 
Karl looked out the window of the car. He felt totally out of his league here. Heck you're just a farm kid from Missouri. You really never expected to be in a car with a driver and people rushing to get things done for you. The fact is, the whole thing makes you uncomfortable. Karl sat back in the seat and tried to concentrate on the meeting at hand, this as the first time he was going to meet a woman alone since he had married, that did not make him feel any easier. The Spa was the kind of place you watched other people go to in the news. To top it off, he and Monty were still at odds and he really felt like he was walking into the lion's den. Monty has never asked anything from you but friendship, so why are you butting in? It's not like he tries to jump off the building or something. Still, he is your best friend, you hate to see how he hurts everytime Velvet shows up. It doesn't help that she is constantly taking advantage of him everytime she appears. Hell, with all her money why can't she just leave him alone, she doesn't need his money. Well, let's see what this Lishi has to say.

Karl Tannebaum may have been just a Missouri farm boy, but he easily could be mistaken for a male model, or a VidView heartthrob. Skye referred to him as dropdead gorgeous and certainly around the TPI building there were a fair amount of fantasizing with him as the fantasy participant. Monty was not bad looking, but Karl was spectacular. While it was all about to change soon, he was always the guy in the background, where he preferred to be, Monty loved to be in the middle of it all. Karl spent his time arranging and fixing and with what time was left over, he was with Beth and kids. Monty stood out taking all the glory and all the hits out in public with the beautiful people. He kept company with the ones who preferred to remain out of sight As a team, the were a perfect match.

Beth, yes Beth what are you going to do about her? Well she is far out of your reach right now, so concentrate on things you can do something about.

"Yes, Mr Tannebaum?"
"How much longer?"
"About 10 more minutes. We will be there at 1:50 precisely, sir."
'Thank you Stefan."

It seemed that there was something he was missing, but he could not put his finger on it. So, he decided to relax and wait to worry about it later. 
The call had came through from the front gates that a hover limo was approaching. Lishi decided that she would greet him on the front steps of the spa. She casually fixed the soft blue dress that draped her body, pulling her bracelet so the emblems could be seen from the front. Lishi moved towards the door, stopping in front of the massive mirror that brought in extra light from the doors. She was a fair skinned lady, her shoulder length hair flowed just right for her face and contour. She had a quaility about herself that screamed with loyalty to her friend Velvet. She was capable of doing just about anything that was needed of her, in any situation. Lishi smiled as she looked her self over, she of course was quite confident in her appearance but when you look at her she wouldn't show it. Lishi walked out, than stepping down to the third step, waited briefly as the breeze softly rippled around her. Placing her in the right moment, the right time ...........a picture of loveliness, one might say. Lishi placed that smile of hers on her face, and wondered where this interesting meeting would lead to. 
The limo was coasting to a clean stop in front of the door. Stefan buzzed Karl, "Mr. Tannebaum I was messaged on the way in that they will have someone deal with your things. You can go straight in."

"Very good Stefan, when you pick Mr Walker up..."

"Sir? I am your driver for the evening, just have the Spa staff contact me when you are ready to leave. Mr Walker will have his own limo."

"Oh... Ok then thank you."

Karl looked out the window at the entrance to The Botanical Spa and started, You weren't sure, but somehow you had imagined the much ballyhooed Lady Lishi was going to look like, well a spinster or a librarian or something. The woman at the door in no way resembled a librarian. Karl, lad, you are up to your neck, this is not going to be a garden party for sure. Karl realized that he had hesitated before exiting the limo, bad form, he was at disadvantage already.

As he stepped out of the limo, a myriad of cameras started snapping and filming his every move. He walked quickly walked up to Lady Lishi and began to extend his hand, when she moved to him, kissed him on his cheek and threaded her arm through his and said, "Mr. Tannebaum, welcome to the Spa." The mechanical cameras continued their recording without any comment with Karl blissfully unaware of their presence.

Karl's initial reaction was Oh, man, she smells great. He recovered quickly and took stock of his situation and responded, "Thank you Lady Lishi, it is far more beautiful than I had imagined." Ok Lishi, this is your turf, your lead. Karl allowed the radiant beauty to lead him into the Spa.
Lishi moved with him into the reception area of the spa, she was definitely intrigued by this man. She could hear Velvet say somethings about him, a few that stood out to be true. Lishi softly spoke to him, "You are safe for now, away from those awful cameras." As she lead him to a more quiet and peaceful room, "I hope you like the surroundings that we here at the spa has grown a custom to." Her eyes meeting his, she could clearly see he was curious, curious enough to discover what awaits him in the next several hours. They enter a well tended room, the decor was that of an Feng Shui atmosphere, its was perfect in sense of ones inner needs. Lishi turned her face towards him, "I hope tonight will be one you will never forget." 
Karl was back on his heels. He stood looking into a face that clearly had brought better men than he under its spell, he totally missed the comment about cameras. He was so taken in by the her manner and that last sounded like an invitation to... This is way too fast, settle down. Stop! Settle down. She is as good as you in reading faces, if not better. So right now the only defense you have is words, so if you have any hope, you had best think about returning fire right about now. Karl turned on his most engaging smile and said, "I can assure you, that I can tell that it will." Karl fought an urge to take the natural course that statement offered him. Karl, this is about Monty, not you. Just get on with it. Lishi, you and I are here for two diverse reasons and one common cause: To see this matter between Velvet and Monty put rest once and for all." Karl kept at it with everything he could muster, because he owed Monty this. In the back of his mind, though... He wanted to find out more about this beauty, what she liked, what she didn't... Oh, Karl was at once on task and regretting it terribly. "I hope that between us we may be able to find a way to accomplish this." I wonder Lishi, if you know how beautiful your face is? Karl allowed a momentary lapse before putting up the mask again. He looked intently at her and waited for her answer.
Lishi smiled at him, clearly she could see that he turned on his charm. She undraped her arm from around his, hearing his words "Yes, we are hear for several reasons, one just happens to be Velvet and Monty, if those two get back together," Lishi still kept that smile on her face, "Who knows what will happen." Lishi felt a strong attraction to Karl, as her heart seemed to race, she kept her coolness about her by walking away from him, she moved to the marble counter that a tall crystal bottle and two slender glasses. She instinctively picked up the bottle and poured the sweet smelling wine into the glass filling it up half way. She moved back to him in a sensual stride, not uncommon for her to do. " I think between the both of us, we can accomplish anything" letting the word linger a bit as she handed him the glass of wine. Her heart racing several hundred beats a moment. She could see his eyes clearly in front of her as she stood there. 
Karl took the offered wine, but for the life of him, he could use something stronger. Right now he was fighting desperately to stay on track and Lishi was an unbelievable distraction. Her movement was pure and suggestive at the same time. Slow down, take it one thing at a time, she said that we were here for several reasons. Several? Karl was was confused but dared not let it show, still he needed to see what she was talking about. How to do this? Direct or tangential? Damn, you you are not prepared. Oh hell, she has gorgeous eyes. Well, big man you have to say something. Events made Karl more vulnerable than any one could realize, even himself, and the proximity of Lishi had an amazing effect on him. Idiot, she is waiting for you to say something! "I suppose that there is a lot we can discuss, what do you think we should talk over first?" Lishi, what is inside? What makes you what you are? Lishi, what do you want? Without realizing it he mouthed, " Lishi, what do you want?" 
Lishi stood stunned just for a moment, she regained herself, never had a man ever been so blunt before. She tilted her head just abit as she smiled, "Why, Mr. Tannebuam not prepared for the likes of me....little old me?" The flirtation was definitely in her voice as she placed the chilled glass to her lips, than placing it down on the table next to them. "Don't you know why we are here? To discuss," as she moved closer to him. "The many possibilities to separate Velvet and Monty." As she smoothly ran her fingers down the side of his face, between you and I, we can come up with something." Whispering softly not to far away from his ear. She knew what she had to get to get what she could. But this man was different, and she knew it. She had to stay cool, to stay on top of things. Lishi prepared for moments like this, her eyes shaping his face, studying the imprints of his finely tuned face. "To be honest with you, Karl," the first time she used his first name, it seemed to linger on her lips, " "I just want only the best from you." 
Karl recognized that he was discovered Perfect, Ok Monty and Velvet it will be, but I came here willingly for that. There something else here..... well we do have all evening for me to plumb that beautiful head of yours Lishi and I am going to enjoy that a lot, yes a lot. I appreciate your candor, Lady Liishi, i do have a thought on how Monty might might be persuaded to look in other directions, it would be necessary to bring his Father into the picture, that would require some doing. I believe if we can get Monty to agree to consider resigning from TPI and run for the The Secretariat of the TDR, we accomplish our goal, Velvet's "background" would require that Monty put a fair amount of distance between he and she." Karl resisted the urge to take Lishi's hand. It took every bit of internal focus to keep on track. He had another course, he wanted to take the conversation. Lishi, I hope you cannot read my mind. 

"Do you think the idea has merit?" 
Lishi stood there, her eyes twinkled, " I think that is a splendid idea, we can definitely drive some distance between the two." As she still smiled, she knew she had him, just by the reaction to her touch. "Karl, if we accomplish this, we might just be the two most powerful people here, by keeping the them away from each other." She still willingly moved her fingers across his chin. 
Brief and casual knock at the door, "Lady Lishi, Velvet wanted me to inform you that guest are beginning to arrive. " As he listened closely hearing muffling sounds coming through the door. He knew that Mr. Tannebuam was in the room with her, yet he dared not to open the door. Elysium knew something was up, but what he was not quite sure yet. 
Lishi heard Elysium voice coming from the door, she was still so close to Karl's face, as she answer, " Let Vel know I will be there in a moment." Her lips to inviting to resist. 
Elysium responded to Lishi, "Yes, m'lady I will inform her that you are still unavailable at the moment." Elysuim hurried turned to search for Velvet. 
Karl was mesmerized by this woman, she was a woman of power and was not afraid to put it to use. She would trade blow for blow with anyone and, he wagered, give better than she took. Her face drew closer and the lips that were coming were inviting, she was reeling him in and he really didn't care.

Lady Lishi, Velvet wanted me to inform you that guests are beginning to arrive." The male voice crashed in around him and Karl was internally scrambling. Karl, damn man, you are married with a family what in the hell do you think you are doing? What Karl was doing, what he was experiencing, he had not felt in two, maybe three years. An attraction to a woman to distraction to most everything else. But Karl was loyal and he knew he quite possibly was about to make an enemy he desperately needed as an ally and may lose this object of desire he ached to have. Lishi had clearly placed her lips next to his expecting that he do what he wanted to do. "Yes, m'lady I will inform her that you are still unavailable at the moment." The momentary break is what it took to bring him where he felt he needed to be. Instead of a kiss, he twisted his head next to that delicate ear, he could not help himself to at least let his warm breath caress her skiin, "Lishi, you are perfect just the way you are, but I must change. We have the evening."

Karl smiled, bowed and left the room. Karl was infected with this woman, but he was bound to do right by Monty. He wondered now, if he was closer or further away for doing it.
Lishi stood there, in complete control over her inner self, she let out a sigh of attraction towards this man. She wanted him, and she knew it. He had the power, the charm she looked for in a man,she also knew that he had family, yet this did not bother her one bit. Picking up the glass of wine, she finished it off within one gulp, she need something stronger to resist the urge. 

Lishi moved gracefully out of her personal area, casually walking out into the court yard, she stood just for a moment to let her eyes wander out over the crowd, tonight was a night to remember. She saw a few regulars of the spa, making eye contact with a few, she smiled and casually walked down the stairs on to the court yard. The breeze of the night was just right, Lishi envied how Velvet could pull all this off, she wanted the power that Velvet had, maybe just maybe everything she could get her hands on. Yet Lishi had morals of sort regarding this, she sincerely loved Vel, and didn't want anything to harm her. She spotted Velvet with Ely and another young finely tuned man. This made her curious, yet there was something strongly fimilar about that young man. Lishi looked around, seeing that Velvet was in good company, she lingered near the hall way to Karl's assigned room. Lishi began to speak to one of the guest there that night, she didn't know that the man that was asking her question was one of the Intelligence Officers. 

Lishi took a glass of wine from one of the passing waiter's. As the officer began, " Mighty fine, party here isn't it?" 

Lishi smiled as gracefully as she could, " Yes, they always are." 

Officer smiled back, " Well now, Do you suppose you could get a private invitation to Ms. DeAncer tonight?" 

Lishi looked at him, " I don't think so, Ms. DeAncer is very busy tonight, plus she respectivly declines any private invitation to party." 

The officer gave her a quizzical look, " Really, when did that stop?" 

Lishi brow rose, this question where not typical ones, " Years and years ago, all is in the past." 

The officer smirked a bit, " People don't change that easily," 

Lishi glared abit, " People do if they have good reasons to do so in thier lives." 

The Officer began to feel, she was on to him, no longer wanting to play this little cat and mouse deal. 

Lishi excused herself from the conversation, as she moved back to the courtyard, feeling it was safe to stay out in the open. She moved towards Velvet, nodding to her than smiling. There she waited for him to make his entrance. 
Blast it all, Karl, why don't you pay attention to the time. Monty will be here any minute and you are still getting dressed. Some power broker, you have been muffing this whole thing since the moment you showed up here, you had better find some way to get this show back on the road. Old man Walker had the right plan even if you aren't sure that he has Monty's best interests in mind. Still, Monty should be the Secretary General of the Terran Democratic Republic. He had what it would take to guide them through the War, unlike this do-gooder Chan. Monty, you just have to listen to reason.

Karl checked himself over, straightened the medals and pushed open the door. The raucus din hit his ears. A quick survey told him that Monty was not in yet. He took a slower look and noted some familiar faces and nodded to several of them until he saw one, he frowned, that one was trouble, he didn't know how to keep a low profile, he might be one to tangle with Monty. He also noted certain groups that he needed to corner before the night was over.

He saw her at in the courtyard, she was still as beautiful as twenty minutes ago. Karl paused, drew himself into his most military pose and moved into the open, he walked to Lishi, took her hand and kissed the back of it, "Ms. Lishi, thank you for inviting me to the Gala," as he took a mask from an aide. In a whisper, he said, "I am looking forward to being by your side this evening." With that he, with everyone, else waited for the guest of honor. 
Kail smoothed out his dress uniform as his Hover Limo sped towards the Spa/Resort. Kail hated social outings and even worse he hated the formal dress up ones. To be honest he didn't know what to expect but he had been sent an invite by Velvet who would make his life hell if he did not show up. The big problem being is that he had forgot to RSVP her so there could be a problem. That and he was about an hour late. Punctuality was not Kail's strong point. But going to celebrate Monty Walkers success was important to him so he had decided to attend. 

While had he'd never actually met Monty, his reputaion for being an all round nice guy and an ex fighter jock legend in the military. He had been well regarded when he in the Terran Fighter Core but Kail had never had the chance to meet him and tonight was his chance. 

The limo cruised to a halt suddenly as the Driver informed him their destination had been reached. The doors opened with a small hiss as he stepped out and rearded his surroundings. The outside exterior of the Spa was a plush good looking building with many plants and ferns to give it that natural look. Kail walked up the steps of the Spa to be greeted by a beefy looking security guard with huge biceps. 

"May I see your invite sir?" asked the guard as he regarded Kail with a suspicious look. 

Kail silently handed him his invite 

"I'm sorry sir, but this invite was not RSVP'd by the due date. I'm afraid we will have to speak to the Hostess about this. I will return soon." 

He snapped his fingers and two more security Guards emerged from the entrance to flank Kail on his left and right. Kail rolled his eyeballs and sighed heavily. Hopefully Velvet would be able to sort him out or he may be in for an interesting night. Kail hoped that this night would be worth his troubles.

Monty looked at the mask in hs hand and chuckled, if he had this right, he supposed to announce himself? Yes, Oh yes, this a Velvet DeAncer party. He looked around for a moment to get his bearings and noticed a scene develop outside the door he had just entered. No one had noticed that he had entered and no one had announced him, so he wasn't deluged by the guests yet, Curious, he watched as the security guard stopped a pilot. He could tell this was not a desk jockey, he was too ill at ease in his dress uniform. The guard entered, Monty stopped him, "What seems to be the problem?" 

"Not really a problem, sir, it's just that this invitation was not on our RSVP list and I need to check with Ms.DeAncer." 

"I understand, but these flyboys never get a chance to RSVP, if they even know how to." Monty grinned, "Why don't you bring him to me and I will keep you good with Ms. DeAncer." 

"On your say so sir?" The man considered it for a moment, hell, there was more security here than guests. "Certainly, Mr. Walker, you word is good enough for me." 

The guard returned to Kail and dismissed the two guards with a nod. "Mr. Walker has vouched for you, come wth me." 

Kail was surprised, he had expected to be standing here for at least a half hour. Still, he did not hesitate and walked through the door and directly to a man in a tux, who extended his hand and said, "Good evening, Lt. Commander, my name is Montgomery Walker, but please call me Monty. You have to forgive the security here, they just do not understand that pilots underway don't always have the luxury of the rules of etiquette And you are?" 
Kail was quite surprised when he was ushered in the door. I mean it wasn't every day that you get saved from being embarrassed by the guest of honor himself. The gorilla at the door looked like he would hold him up all night at the rate he was going. He grinned despite himself and firmly shook Monty's hand. He was equally surprised and pleased to find that Monty was grinning back at him. 

"Its a pleasure to meet you Monty. The living legend in the flesh that Ive finally got to meet. My name is Kail Ryker, and please no salutes or ranks tonight Im here to relax and soak up the atmosphere. My congratualtions are in order for your current acheivements though Im at a loss to find out what those acheivements were. Velvet was vague in her invitation over what this event was all about." 

I must sound like a babbling idiot Kail thought to himself as he spoke. But I'll wind down once I get a few bourbons in me he thought.
Velvet spotted Lishi, with a quick smile at her. Velvet moved with grace to everyone around her, the members of the TPI Board, definitely having a good time. The ladies all around slightly hiding their faces with the masks, everyone having drinks in their hands. Acrobats flipping around them, as servers scurry around making sure everyone was well taken care off. The Banquet table fully prepared with many delicious foods from all over, the aroma of it , invited the taste buds. Some guest lingered casually across the dance floor as a joyful tune played by the band floats across the air. Others enjoying the music with eyes closed, sitting at their tables. The whole Venetian party scheme, came off just right.
Velvet being in good spirits moved quite carefully around everyone, she and Mihkil made thier way to the center of the dance floor. Mihkil looked at her, " May I have this dance, dear mother?" Velvet of course could not resist a dance invitation, especially one from her own son. She cupped her hand in his as they waltz around the floor. Some eyes were focus on them dancing around the floor. Some of the board members joined in on the waltz. Velvet smiled as she turned in flowetic motion with Mahkil, this made her think of the first time she danced with his father under the stars. 

Velvet glanced at Mihkil, " You dance just like your dad." 

Mihkil tilted his head abit, " Really? You told me that when I was just a baby, when you started showing me how to dance." 

Velvet smiled softly, "You know...." as her voice drifted off. 

Mihkil still spotting that sexy lady over in the corner, "Yes Mom?" In a way he knew what she was trying to say, yet he didn't want to push it. "Mom, do you think that if dad were here, would he be proud of me?" 

Velvet's eyes gently looked at him,"I am positive that he would be." She still couldn't bring herself to telling him who his father was, it wasn't because of what had happen in the past, just because she wasn't ready. 

Velvet knew that once Monty spotted Mihkil, well, she hoped he would know just by looking at him, that Mahkil was his son, spitting image of years ago. 
Velvet glanced to the patio doors every so often, hoping to see Monty's entrance.

Elysium carefully watched over the whole party, there were moments when he would glide off to the side and occassionally mingle among the females at the party. He felt a tap on his shoulder as he turned his head carefully, his assistant whispering in his ear, " Mr. Walker, has arrived, Sir." Ely nodded. As his assistant exited stage left, Ely carefully excused himself from the middle of the flirting females to tend to what ever situation that would happen. Ely mentally noted the figure of that female, whom he wanted for the moment. A sigh momentarily released from his lips. Having carefully decided he would watch the crowd for a few more moments. 

Lishi smiled at Karl, feeling his lips on the back of her hand, as she smoothly covered her face with the lace mask, responding back to him, " As do I, the night is still young," giving him that seductive smile. She stood next to him, admiring that face of his, yet she had to keep her cool about this man, she couldn't let any one know what she was up to, not yet at least. Lishi stood there watching Velvet and the young man twirl about the dance floor, she envied how free Velvet could be in her appearance with that young man. But yet Lishi still thought of how fimiliar this man seemed. Her eyes glance to the door, spotting the guards hurrying to the front of the spa. If there was anything really wrong, she looked over at Elysium just standing there flirting with a beautiful full figured lady, she thought he would of took off. Lishi didn't have anything to worry about for the moment that is. 
He made a point of getting this fine lady's name and number. Elysium had other intentions with her for after the nights gala was over. Out of no where his assistant made another appearance, whispering to the side of him, " Sir, I just wanted to inform you of a little problem in the front, it seems as if one of the pilots did not RSVP." 

Ely looked over at his assistant, "And the problem is?  You know those fly boys, they never RSVP, that won't change now that won't ever change." 

His assistant nodded, " Yes, I understand, Sir but Mr. Walker took care of the situation." 

Ely nodded than tilted his head in Velvet's direction, she of course didn't see that sign. 

His assistant asked, "Should I inform, Ms. DeAncer of the situation?" 

Ely shook his head, "No, if Monty took care of it than its fine, let me know if anything else happens." 

His assistant nodded took several steps back, that went back to the highly secured viewing room in the security section.
The melody of the music had softly ended, as the noise in the carna'val swirled around. Velvet laughed playfully as she watched Mihkil stroll on over in the direction of that lovely female standing in the corner. She watched how Mihkil gracefully bowed just a bit to introduce himself to her. Velvet shook her head as she moved towards the front area of the spa, greeting the other guest that had arrived in the middle of her trot around the dance floor. She thought to herself, ~~All these investors in one room, how lucky can a girl get?~~ Than it happened she saw Monty standing the main hallway right the patio doors, she stood there it seemed like time froze for that moment. Her heart fluttered but she had to remain calm , to many eyes to see her reaction, to many ears to hear thier conversation, she had to keep up appearance because tonight was the night she had to pull all this off smoothly. Velvet needed to tell him all the secrets of the past before any one else could. She glanced over at Mihkil still standing there, now with his arm draped around that curvious female. Velvet gave a slight chuckle and still shook her head. She gave a slight wave of her hand, and the servers that night stepped to her in a fashion of haste, on a golden tray was several glasses of different drinks, prepared for every taste palet. She took two tall slender glass of vintage wine and moved in towards Monty. She still graceful as every, her dress clinged to her body yet flowed just right. She wanted his attention for that moment. In her eyes, he could see that she needed to talk to him. Nothing would stop her from telling him the truth
Travis stepped to the entrance of the spa, his invitation in hand; though he wondered how Velvet found his hotel. "May I help you, Sir?" Asked a stately gentleman in an users type uniform. "Yes, I've an invitation for the party," replied Travis handing over said invitation. Looking over the invitation, the person said, "this way, Sir." before turning and stepping further into the spa. Travis nodded and moved to keep step with the person as the entered. 
Nala stood at the front, "Hello, Sir, its nice to see you again, Do you have anything to check in or would your like to just go to the court yard, everyone is almost here, " talking nonstop because that just her character, " The Guest of honor is here," as she whispers, " a lot of surprise are going to happen tonight, I mean after all Boss Lady is in charge of the party, " Moving with him to the back entrance patio doors, " There you go, enjoy, " Handing him a manly mask to place over her face, "By orders of the Boss Lady, and if you need anything else just let myself or any of the waitress or waitress here." With that she turned back to the desk area.
Smiling and thanking Nala; Travis donned the mask, and then ventured further into the party.  
Kail looked up to see a gorgeous woman in a figure hugging dress spying on Monty from the other side of the reception area. His eyes widened in surprise as he looked at the women he felt a bit guilty for doing so but his telepathy was picking up some rather dirty thoughts "leaking" from this ladies mind. She was trying so hard to get Monty's attention she was practically screaming her thoughts out loud. He smiled ruefully. Rather than play third wheel he put on his mask and turned to Monty. 

"Sorry to leave you like this Monty but Im going to find myself a drink. If you dont mind me saying there is a rather stunning woman at 3 oclock trying to catch your eye." 

He grinned at Monty and ribbed him lightly in the chest with his elbow. He then moved off to the bar where hopefully he could find himself a drink or two, or maybe five......... if they let him. 
"Well I must say Kail, if that is true, you ought to find Velvet right now and prove you did show up." The two men laughed at the pilot's version of his fate if Velvet thought that he had ignored the invitation. It became apparent that the pilot was anxious ot start mixing and mentioned something about someone trying to get his attention at 3 o'clock. He began to turn to that direction to see who Kail was talking about, when, Monty felt a tap at his shoulder and turned half expecting to see Karl. Instead he was face to face with a face he had never seen before but still a face he knew very well.

"Mr.Walker, Secretary-General Walker would like to speak with you."

"I believe the correct term is former Secretary-General Walker, sir. In any case, my father knows where I can be reached."

Monty was about to look for the person that Kail had mentioned, when the intruder iterrupted, again. "It is imperative that he speak with you as soon as possible."

"In person?" Monty asked. The man nodded. Monty considered the situation, he knew eventually, that he was going to have to talk with his father. But, as always his father picked the wrong time. Monty sighed, he could see that there was not going to be a way to avoid the conversation, but he was going to defer it, "He is on Nuribis then?" Again, the man nodded. "Then, tell him to meet me in my booth at The Hyielt Club accross from Terran Publishing Inc, 8:00am, tomorrow and uh Mr...?"


"Mr. Smith, if you have any ideas of calling in your four bulldogs to persuade me to leave now, I am the guest of honor here and I assure you that you do not want to cross paths with Elysium's security, who undoubtedly are on their way right now, so be a good chap and deliver my message to The General, it has waited seven years now it can wait a few more hours." The man looked startled, he had thought precisely that idea, to make Monty get into a car and take him forcibly, but he would need absolute suprise to pull that off and it was obvious he didn't have it.

"Very well, Mr. Walker, I will deliver that message, but he won't like it. In the mean time, you should read this datapad before you decide to do anything, tonight." Mr. "Smith" held out a minipad. Monty paused, then he took it.

"Until tomorrow, Mr. Smith." Monty made a mock bow.

The General will have your head for not spiriting me out of here. My father is not used to not having his way. Monty smiled at the image that called up.

Having dispensed with that nonsense, Monty began to look in the direction of 3 o'clock again. Then, he saw her. Many would mistake her for a princess or sometimes even an angel. Not to Monty, he saw the girl that he loved, with a smear of mud on her cheek, looking into his eyes, straight into his heart. Monty walked quickly to Velvet, took her hand and with the polish he had learned bent over to kiss her cheek, but he whispered softly first, "I still like you better with mud on your cheek. Then, he kissed her gently on the cheek and smiled at her. 
Velvet smiled softly at Monty, she couldn't help the way she felt, she knew all eyes were on them at that moment. Velvet gently managed to plant a soft kiss on Monty's cheek, she heard him say those playful words, her eyes sparkled as she looked into his, "Its good to see you," she had to keep her wits about this situation, it seemed that she was in a dream that moments like this with him would last a life time, but she knew it would come to an end soon. 

Slight whispers around them, as she regained her senses, she politely looked around as the Board Members of TPI began to take thier places at the carefully coordinated tables that Velvet made sure the seating arrangements would work out to everyone advantages. 

Velvet whispered under that smile of her that she held so casually when in public, to Monty, " There is something, I need to speak with you about," nodding in the direction of the invited Journalist there still keeping that smile on her face. 

From the crowd emerged Mihkil, he smiled to everyone just as his mother taught him to do. Most considered him a fairly handsome young man, but what made him stand out of a crowd was his charm, the way Mihkil flirted with the cameras, he had it made. Mihkil loved the opportunity to take pictures with Velvet, as he moved towards them. 

Velvet glanced over at Mihkil appoarching them, she smiled at him, as the Famous Reality Journalist watched in amazement, the gossip columnist Mella Semigo spoke into her personal device as she recorded the moment, "My goddess, Velvet has pulled off another spectucular entrance by Monty Walker, the two seemed to fit together like a glove, wait could this be? A young man moving towards Velvet as Monty stands next to her? My goddess, it is nicely sculpture I might add." Mella watched as she made several notes for her later to be broad cast special on the party. 

Velvet felt happy at that moment, but sadness seem to linger in the back ground, she knew she had to tell Monty everything. 

Mihkil stood next to them as he glanced over to Monty, he wondered if what he had been hearing through the rumor mill was true. ~~Could he be the one?~~ 
Elysium's security team scattered around the entire area of the spa, making it very difficult for outsiders to enter without anyone noticing. The guards lined themselves up in civilian attire, mingled in and out of the crowd, making sure everyone is satisfied, answering a few non essiential questions such as, "Where are the rest rooms?" and other type of questions. 

Ely wrist device buzzed as he moved his other hand to answer it, handy type of device as he talked into it, "Yes?" The Voice on the other side began, " Nas'cent has arrived, and made contact with the subject," Ely eyes back to move around the area, "Where, when?" as he answered back, The voice announce, "Ten Minutes ago, " Ely rushed into the crowds, swirving in and out of the crowd, it didn't look like he was alarmed, it just looked like he was dancing, in a strange and twisted way. He saw Mihkil with Velvet and Monty, caught off guard by this trio, he stood for a moment, seeing Velvet happily between the two, he smiled at them, not alarming them of any situation. 

Ely moved quickly to the front of the door, as he announced to the security team, "Neap status," As his team quickly move out into a formation that one would thought nothing twice about. But his team knew the drill, knew what they needed to to, three of them went and stood watch over Mihkil, Velvet and Monty. Ely knew that Monty's security team was lurking around, both teams often worked together in securing a location for Velvet and Monty to meet. 

Ely spotted a strange character lurking in the crowd, it was a face he wasn't use to seeing around the spa. He knew a lot of people tried to crash the party but this one was different, Ely moved like a cheetah on a mission, ready to attack if needed, he nodded once in the direction as his crew started to move in for the kill.
Monty looked at this young man,

So this is how he turned out. Velvet hasn't missed teaching him a trick. I wonder why she kept him such a big secret until now?

Monty gave a mental shrug. He spoke to the young man, "Hello, I am a friend of your...." Monty looked to Velvet, he may be making a faux pas. ".. mother's, my name is Montgomery Walker, but please call me Monty. and your name is...?" 

Mihkil stangely looked at Monty, than to his mom, she saw the look in her eyes as she looked at Monty, it was different than when she looked at other men, there was a softness about it. Mihkil reached out his hand, "Mihkil, " as his hand shake was just as strong as Monty's , it was than that it click in Mihkil head, he stood there nearly caught off guard, as he heard the last name Walker, 

than he heard the whispers of Mella Semigo, "My goddess, I swear that young man is the splitting image of Monty younger years." 

Mihkil looked directly at Monty as the cameras flashed. Velvet looked between the two, she hoped that Monty would understand without her saying a word. 

Mihkil finally announced his entire name to Monty, " I am Mihkil DeAncer Walker." 

Mihkil waited for the expression to be caught on film, as everyone stood around some unintersted in the whole thing as they danced the night away, others stood there wondering what was going on. 

Velvet gave a little cough as the security crew moved the cameras and crowd away from them for a few minutes. 

Kail stopped in mid step halfway to the bar. He hated using his telepathy but he was picking up some major vibes in the air. He turned around to see Monty talking to that beautiful woman in the curvaceous dress. Then suddenly he grinned to himself. It all fell into place. He now had a fair idea of who she was now judging by the way she was looking at Monty. Not wishing to intrude upon an obvious private moment he shut off his telepathy and resumed his search for a drink. 

He also happened to see the conversation between Monty and the strange man who had interrupted their conversation earlier. He had noticed Monty had stiffened up like a board when he was speaking to him. Kail didn't like the look of the man who had a definite military aura about him. He had the look of a bully however and Kail wondered of the man had friends scattered throughout the crowd. He decided to keep a private eye on Monty while he moved deeper into the crowd. Running down an unfortunate member of the serving staff Kail asked him if he could get him a straight bourbon on the rocks. The waiter scurried off to get his order while Kail settled down in a nice quiet table in a quiet corner of the reception area and waited for his drink. 
"Mihkil DeAncer Walker."

Monty was not prepared for this. Nothing could have prepared him for this. His mind raced, frantically looking for a handhold. right now, silence was his only defense. That he needed to talk to this young man was obvious, but would Velvet let that happen? No, whether she wanted to allow it or not he was going to sieze the moment. In a matter of moments Monty went form reeling to moving forthright ahead.

"Then we may have more to speak about, than I thought. but may I say, you have excellent taste in mothers. Perhaps, if you have a few moments, we could speak about her, in private"

Monty had gently manuevered Mihkil to the side and quickly before anyone could do much, he walked the boy to a quieter place in the courtyard. As he stood he saw Karl, Lishi and Velvet all moving towards them. The look in Monty's eyes warned them all back. Karl knew only too well, that there was no room for negotiation. Slowly, Karl said to Lishi, "There is nothing that can be done here, perhaps we should dance." Velvet realized tha Monty meant to speak with the boy, before she could explain. Velvet, uncharacteristically, chewed her bottom lip and moved away.

Monty was sure that his team was looking out and no doubt Ely has someone watching, so there was some relative, safety and calm.

Monty did not begin coyly at all.

"Mihkil, what has your mother told you about your father?"

Mihkil was unaccustomed to such directness, his mother had taught him how to ease into a conversation. This was different, he was being swept into the topic with no way to prepare a cryptic reply. "Not much sir, only that he was in the military and that he would not be able to be with us."

Monty nodded. "How old are you?"

"15, sir."

Monty pressed on, he did not want to give the boy a chance to recover and begin games, he did not like this, the boy was inexperienced, but the boy needed to be reigned in. "Mihkil, you are aware that you just named me as your father very publicly aren't you?" 

The boy nodded, "Are you angry sir?" Mihkil was pensive, he was given a great deal of leeway, but was always made to accept responsibility for his actions, it occurred to him that he had not thought this through and he was sure that this man was convinced his mother put him up to it. 

Monty finally relaxed, this was a young man ready to accept resposibility. Monty smiled at the boy, "No, Mihkil, I am not angry. Particularly, because your mother is going to confirm that to me tonight. Mihkil, I am sorry I was not there for you, while you were growing up, believe me, I know a little about how that feels."

Mihkil's head was spinning, he had practiced how he would face this moment, throwing in the face of this man, his neglect. But before he could, this man, his father, apologized and he could see that he meant it. Mihkil was totally disarmed, "Sorry, sir, you didn't know, why are you sorry?"

"Mihkil, I am sorry because I should have found your mother and then you. Do you know when I first saw you? You would have been 6 and you were standing with your mother and Ely waiting by my ship. I made an assumption and left you. No, I let you down Mihkil and I will have to learn to live with that. So, tell me what have you been up to, son?" A familiar wave washed over him, it was the same feeling he had when he with Angie, Mihkil will need to know about Angie. 

Father! Damn this is going to make life very difficult, first a granddaughter and then a grandson, well, at least, you know how to take care of that problem, Monty.

Mihkil was simply being swept along with the events, all his visions of this night were tossed aside. This man was different from any other, even Ely. Montgomery Walker simply wanted to be his father, no other reason than he was his father and he felt the same kind of emotion emanating from him as he did from his mother. "Not very much, sir, school mostly. I did put in for a military academy!" Mihkil remembered that his father was a rather famous fighter pilot, he wondered if he dare share that dream with him, that he wanted to fly fighters. "I would like to fly fighters, like you did."

Monty's eye left them for a moment to be once again in space, just him, the fighter and the universe. He returned,"Well, Mihkil, I suggest that we keep that our secret for right now, mothers tend to frown on such choices. As for the academy, I think we can find a way for you to end up at Hera II."

Mihkil was estatic, his father was on his side and wanted him to attend the same academy he attended, it was as if this was the way should be, the way it always should have been. "Sir, would it be alright to call you father?"

"I think I would like that very much, Mihkil."

Monty would have liked to spend the rest of the evening with this young man, he had so much,but they had been gone some 25 minutes and soon they would be interrupted. "Mihkil, I don't know when we be able to talk again. Your mother is going to be furious with me, but I would not have traded this time for the world." Monty put his arm around his son and squeezed. "Well Mihkil, shall we get back to the party?"

Mihkil nodded and they turned to walk back toward where Velvet was, when Monty had an idea. He fished the small box out of his pocket and handed it to the young man, "Mihkil, I want you to do something for me. I want you to take this broach and pin it on you mother's dress and tell her that your father wants to talk with her when there is an opportunity.' I need to take care of some things and I will be right out, I promise." 
Karl took Lishi to the dance floor and now, unabashedly took her in his arms and started dancing. 

"Lishi, do you know what is going on here?"

Velvet's nervous caught up with her. Her eyes frantically searched for Ely, she knew that all hell was about to break out, the secrets and all the lies as she looked to Monty and Mihkil standing there talking. But her inner self rang as she knew the consequences for this action, Vel glanced around once more she saw the faces of old and new alike, her heart skipped a beat as she saw that face in the crowd, Ely was closer than her to reach that man who ever so loyalty reported back to the General. Time was of the essences. Vel and Ely had to get to that man before he reported to the General what was going on. Quickly she excused herself from the surroundings and made her way towards Ely, she glanced back she knew that Monty would take care of Mihkil if anything were to happen. The man took off out of the partion, as Ely disappeared out the door. Velvet followed as the security team tried to stop her, but couldn't. 

Kail sat outside the resort Spa smoking his cigar and sipping his bourbon. It was a beautiful night outside with a warm breeze blowing toward him. The night sky was crystal clear with a beautiful full moon overhead. The party had picked up in full swing with most of guests all dancing and having a good time. Although he had been asked to dance a couple times he wasnt really interested. Kail prefered a quiet drink and the solitude of his own thoughts for the time being. 

The warm breeze brezze blew upon Kail as he sighed in relief and soaked up the quit atmosphere near the entrance. He drained the last bit of his bourbon and sighed in pleasure. He looked at the empty glass and in his hand and decided it was time for a refill. He rose to his feet and walked back to the entrance only to be bowled over by a man who nearly running out of the front entrance..They went down in a tangle of arms and legs with curses frlying through te air. 

Kail untangled himself from the other person who was spiting out some rather interesting sounding cursrses at him. As they both rose to their feet Kail could here a commotion behind him as hee looked over his shoulder he could see a large group of what looked to be security guards making thier way out towards the entrance. They were struggling to make their way quickly through the crowd. Kail smiled at the other man. 

"Friends of yours?" he asked gesturing to the approaching group 

"Out of my flyboy or you'll get yours!" hissed the strange man. "Now move or be moved!" The man flowed into a classic martial arts fighting stance. 

"Well I'm trembling in my wee little booties over here pal. Why don't you step over here and try and move me?" Kail replied in a mid polite tone. 

The man lashed out with a thundering right uppercut towards Kail's jaw which connected with staggering force. Kail gagged in pain he was cut on the inside of his mouth from the force of the punch. Kail rode out the punch then twisted the mans extended right arm up behind his back in a painful arm lock. He spat out a large amount of blood from his mouth and slowly and painfully forced the man to his knees. He looked up to see a small team of security guards rushing out of the front entrance...... 
Lishi spun around seems like she was in a trance by Karl, asking her to dance, "What ever it is, seems like it doesn't involve us for the time being." She didn't care who watched them dance around the floor, it looked like nothing could squeeze between the two of them. Lishi glanced out of the corner of her eyes and saw Ely running towards the front entrance, at first she was alarmed but than she saw who he was chasing down, in her minds thought, ~~well, that can definitely wait~~as her eyes moved back to Karl's. She had him right where she wanted, his arms wrapped around her, feeling the closeness between them. She knew the next move she had to do. 
Elysium made the mad dash out the front from the corner of his eyes, he caught Vel running in the same direction. With a flick of his hand, two of his security crew made their way towards Velvet, he knew in the back of his mind that they would not be able to stop her without a fight, but he continued onward at the top of the stairs, Ely barely sees a struggle going on, could this be the break they were looking for? Elysium stood nearly 6'4 and towered over most, his outline in the shadow of the moon lite night made him look as if he was massive in built, but don't let his appearance fool you, he had the brain power to go along with that strength. Ely's team started descending down the stairs, Elysium saw another man fighting, there was a grin on his face, it was not unusually to see pilots brawling, it seemed to be second nature to most, this time Ely saw the man on his knees, but the man was quick, he managed to free his legs from the knelling position and spun his legs out in a circular motion, knocking the pilot to the ground. The man looked up as he quickly scattered away from the security crew. The man sorely beaten managed to escape in a waiting hover limo. Ely's man rushed over to the pilot as one of the men called for a medic to arrive on the scene. Ely ran after the hover limo but by this time. The limo made speedy getaway. 
Velvet saw the two team players approach her, she shook her head in the process, one of them stood next to her whispering "Ms.DeAncer, please don't it would not be right for the hostess to disappear, let Elysium take care of this." Velvet glared at the both of them, she knew that what they saw was true, she regained her composure as guest around her spoke to her in a happy way, unaware of the mishaps going on around them. She glanced to the door and saw several others making thier appearances, than she turned heading back to the dancefloor in the direction of Lishi and Karl, Velvet suprised by this she watched the two of them. Wondering what Lishi was up to she carefully whispered to a security team player, "Watch the two of them, see what Lishi is up to." He turned and stood in a corner watching over Lishi and Karl, Velvet moved around the area, she saw Consul Remarque having a very nice time with his bonded one. She smiled over at the two of them, she had placed the two of them to be seated with Monty and herself, and Mihkil table along with severl other TPI members. 

She recieved a tap on the shoulder once more, it was Mihkil. She smiled at him, "Mother, are you alright? You look a little flustered." 

Velvet still smiling, "No, I am fine, tonight is a strange night." 

Mihkil, "Tell me about it, I mean." As he walked with her, "Finding out that Montgomery Walker is my father?" 

Velvet looked closely at him, " How did you know?" 

Mihkil smiled, " It was the way you looked at him, the same way you always do when you think about him." 

Velvet place her arm around him, "Have I told you lately how proud of you I am? How smart you really are?" Giving him a loving hug. 

Mihkil lightly blushed , "Oh, mom, not in public, geez...always embrassing me." 

Velvet chuckled, "Fine, fine, I can't help it, I am just your mother for goddess sake." 

Mihkil paused, " Oh Dad wanted me to give this to you." He caught himself " hmm, Dad," with a small smile. Mihkil pinned it on her, "He wanted you to have this, and he said he wanted to talk with you when you get the chance to." 

Velvet looked at the broach and smile, softly whispering, "Oh my." 

Karl felt her close. Right now, nothing mattered except her. For the first time, since he had left the military, Karl was not worried about, Monty, the General, Beth, not even the kids. For the moment, there was only Lishi. 

Karl asked, "Then, Pretty Lady, what does concern us?"
Kail watched in bitter disappointment as the hover limo sped away. The man had managed to scissor his legs and make a getaway while Kail was left in a crumpled heap on the ground. His mouth had a huge cut on the inside and was bleeding quickly. Kail spat out some blood as he watched the limo disappear. He grinned to himself. So much for a quiet night on the town. 

He looked up to see the small security detachment rushing out to try and catch the limo. Good luck he though that guy is outta here already. He rose up and was swamped by dizziness and his head felt like it was packed with cotton candy. Kail had to admit that man sure knew how to hit someone. He felt like he'd been hit by a runaway freighter. A medic newly arrived on the scene grabbed Kail before he could fall on his ass. 
He also felt a sharp sting of pain in his side. He looked down to see a sizable piece of glass jutting out of his hip. He cursed to himself. he must have landed on his empty bourbon glass when the escapee had scissored his legs. The wound was bleeding freely however staining Kails military dress jacket. It didn't look too bad the cut was deep. He looked up to see a huge man approach him . While the man was massively built his eyes showed intelligence and quick thinking. Kail could tell despite his size this man was quick on his feet also. Judging by the way the other security guards were looking to him Kail would assume he was the leader. He gave a tired smile to the man and rather unsuccessfully tried to smooth out his dress uniform. He winced as pain lanced up from his side. 

"Mind telling me what this was all about?" he asked in a tired but serious voice. 
Monty waited for Mihkil to get away. He pulled his personal comm from his jacket and dialed a number. "Hello Percy, I need to speak to the man." Monty waited and as he waited the knot grew in his stomach, as it did every time he called this number. 
"Hello, sir. It's Monty, please call off your dogs, I know you have at least one other team here, but that is not the reason I called. You have a grandson, his name is Mihkil and he is by Velvet. I thought you deserved to hear that from me and not an operative. I have a messenger on the way back. We will talk later." 

Monty hung up immediately, he did not trust himself to talk any longer with his father right now. He turned and returned to the guests, smiling and thanking them for their attendance. He worked his way back to the table in the main ballroom. 
Elysium made a quick gesture as the medic tended to Kail wounds. Ely responded, "Just another uninvited guest," he had a stern look on his face. Elysium voice calmly spoke again," I must apologize to you for this misshaping, I will have a room prepared for you to rest in, compliments of the Spa, and of course someone to wait on your every needs." With that Ely quickly made a turn, in the process of nodding his head to the team. 
The medic team safely moved Kail to a waiting hover chair, it floated on air with ease, and quite comfortable. They moved down a hallway which only a few have seen, off to the left was the security room filled with monitors of every sort and shapes. Off to the right was a fully kept conference room filled of chairs, which resembled the White House Conference Room, a few doors down was a room on the door read "Red Room," it held secrets by which most would think innocently or maybe even naughty, depends on whose mind was thinking. 
Ely's team escorted Kail to the medical unit of the spa, it didn't look like the usual medical center with all the gadgets and gizmo's, it was nicely hidden only the necessary was able to see the area. The security team pushed the button as the chair came to a stand still. The Doctors there quickly made assessments of his injuries, than begun the healing process.
Lishi smiled at him, as she looked deeply into his eyes. "Oh, us...escaping this place," as she lightly placed a soft kiss just a inch away from his lips. "It seems as if there are to many things going on here." It was for that moment, she knew this was the man to help her out of here to get the same status that Velvet had, everything that Velvet had. Lishi wanted her own "Red Room" yet she didn't know how this happened. In the back of her mind, she wanted to know all the secrets, and Karl was just the man to help her do so. 

The music had finally stopped but the two kept their little dance going, the both of them just stood there a little to long. A cough had broken the silence as Lishi snapped out of it, than a tap on her shoulder, Misza, Lisha assistant quickly announced that the ceremony was about to begin. Lisha nodded once as her eyes focus on Karl. 
Velvet returned to the dance floor, she spotted Monty smiling to the TPI members, speaking to some and nodding to others. Velvet made her way around a few, she gracefully moved towards him, as if nothing bothered her. But only the few who knew her too well, knew that was a lie. 

Mihkil smiled as he spoke to a very attractive female, the female flirted just as much back to him. Velvet shook her head, as she gave him that be careful eye. Mihkil nodded to his mom in assurance of nothing like that. She stood maybe three feet behind Monty as someone was speaking to him.Velvet carefully slide into her seat at the table, as Mihkil did the same sitting on the other side of Velvet. The guest that were there quickly quieted down.
Lishi and Karl made their way quickly to the table of honor and the introductions were made all around. Monty was intrigued, he had not seen Karl so distracted in years. Monty smiled and tapped the crystal glass in front of him for attention. Slowly, the din died down. 

"Distinguished guests, i wish to publicly thank Ms DeAncer and the Spa for their kindness in extending their hospitality to TPI at this time. I am personally honored, but there is one here tonight that should also be honored. It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Karl Tannebaum, the new Chief Operating Officer of Terran Publishing Incorporated." Monty smiled down at Karl and said, "Karl I believe you have earned this and I am proud to be the one to announce it." Monty sat down confident that there will be much midnight oil burning, but he was pleased that the board had approved the promotion. 
There are worse ways to spend a night he supposed as the doctors went to work on him. They gave him a painkiller and then removed the glass from his side. They then used a low powered laser to cauterize the cut on his hip. Kail sat on the bed he tried to remember where exactly he had seen the man who had fled before. Kail didn't leave the military barracks often so he knew he wouldn't have bumped into the man outside of the military. 

He was interrupted in his thoughts by a rumbling stomach. He politely asked if he could have some food bought to him as he hadn't eaten for most of the day. One of the security team sent a man scurrying off for his request and while Kail waited patiently while the doctors worked on the cut inside his mouth. 

Suddenly it dawned on Kail where he had seen that man before. The man was definitely ex military and worked for the Terran Government. That man was an aide to....... ah..... he thought as the revelation hit him. No wonder why Monty had looked so uncomfortable. 

The doctor completed his work and said to Kail that he was OK to return to the party. He did however point out that Kail should avoid getting into any more fights for the meantime or the wound may re open. He was also told that he would feel no pain for the rest of the night thanks to the pain killer they had given him. 

Kails food was bought to him and he could smell the rich spices. His mouth watered. He opened the platter to see a meal of peking duck with steamed vegetables. Kail began to shovel the food in his mouth drawing shock from the medical staff. One thing you learned in the military was too eat fast when you had food to eat. The amount of food was average and Kail was still peckish when he finished it off. But he never complained or said anything to the staff. 

As he finished up the medical staff returned his Jacket which had been mended and cleaned. He put it on and as he began to move out the door he got the hard word from security. Despite his good intentions they told him fighting would not be permitted in the Spa. He was going to be watched from now on they informed him. Any more fights and he would be "escorted" to the door and asked to leave He grimaced as he walked out. No good deed goes unpunished he thought to himself. 

He walked back down the corridor feeling no worse for the wear as he entered the main ballroom. He could see Monty had just made a toast and a man that Kail was not familiar with began speaking. Kail in the meantime got himself another bourbon from a waiter and began moving through the crowd looking for Monty or someone else that he knew. 
Monty watched as Karl stood, flustered. He knew Karl had never thought of himself as anything more that the right hand man. Monty chuckled

Karl, you are already doing the job, all I am doing is making sure you have the authority and the paycheck to go with it.

Karl was flustered, but not out of wits, right now he wanted to talk with Lishi, but now he was a target for every person in the room who needed an in at TPI. But he was also known for being able to think on his feet, so he said "Monty, I am not sure what you were thinking, but thank you. However, here I am and no business cards. So, may I offer this as an alternative, everyone here who needs to talk with me, call the switchboard at TPI, tomorrow... and tell them that you were suppose to contact me and you are from the party and I promise I will meet with each and everyone of you. That being said, let's forget about business for one night and enjoy the hospitaity of the Spa."

There was an eruption of applause as Karl sat down, "Monty...." And gave a look particularly menacing look.

"Karl, I see I got the right man for the job. You just got us off the hook for the rest of the night, thanks." 

Monty eyed first Karl and then Lishi. This made him uncomfortable, he could not help but think, that Karl was heading for trouble, however the look was unmistakable, Karl was going to.... well, it was not his business. He gave Karl a look and a motion. Karl understood immediately and pulled out his pers comm and started to dial. 

Monty put on his party face again and started chatting. Out the corner of his eye he saw Kail moving with an ever so slight bit of gingerness. He leaned over to Velvet and whispered, "Why was it so important to have the Lt. Commander here this evening?" and pointed to the young pilot. 
Jorr, Grivky and Avrielle stood at the back of the party and listened to Monty as he announed the elevation of Karl. Karl then stood and said his little bit. 

"How much do we know about TPI and these two men?" Grivyk inquired. 

"Grivyk's Technology and Services sells equipment to TPI. In fact, they are our number customer. We provide them with a ton of equipment. However, they are also a minor competitor in communications. More freindly than anything. It's Interstellar Communications, Grivyk." He added, seeing the look on Grivyks face. 

"I must make sure that I meet with Monty and Karl. He seems to be just like me." 

Karl concluded and sat as the party erupted in applause.
Avrielle was appalled at the large animal grotequely displayed as food on the main serving table. They called it a duck and no one around her seemed all too horrified at the appearance of a dead animal on the table except her. She had to briefly center herself and remind herself to keep an open mind but as the duck was sliced into she just knew she couln't handle actually putting a dead animal into her mouth. 

Avrielle looked down at her lap, swallowing the urge to... well, it wouldn't be very pretty here, would it? she chastised herself and quietly explained to Grivyk. "I'm sorry, I can't eat that. " 

Jorr, who had taken a rather large helping of Peking Duck had a look of, You don't know what you're missing. on his face "Really?", he asked.

"Yes, really." was Avrielle's answer, she was still afriad to even look up at the poor defiled fowl before her. Grivyk nodded and seemed very understanding. He asked for two vegetable dishes, one ofr each of them, instead and ordered the duck moved to a different table as soon as possible. 

Avrielle was embarrassed to have made such a fuss but it really had bothered her. Sheepishly, she smiled, "Thanks, Grivyk." she whispered.

"Hey, I can't have you looking down at your lap all night and hide those beautiful eyes from me, now can I? I'd much rather look at you than a duck, any time." was his answer as he kissed her hand. 

The rest of dinner, thank the Visiers, wasn't nearly as offensive and Avrielle got through it fine, even getting into an interesting conversation with a large group of humans over the differences in educational systems on differing worlds. She contributed information on Dividian education that most humans had no idea about and had in exchange, found out a great deal about human and Gohorn culture and views on raising and educating children. Grivyk seemed pleased to see her more comfortable. Jorr was listening as if trying to catch clues as to her real motive for wanting to join a group of pirates. The others seemed to simply be sharing pleasant conversation. 
Lishi smiled at the announcement, things started to fall into place, her mind was set as she smiled softly over to Karl, clapping along with the others that were around her, she had planned this night for years, the whole meeting arrangement the whole deal. She was ecstatic over the final announcement. She thought to herself and smiling ~~time is near~~as she glanced over to Velvet, giving that professional nod of hers. Lishi spotted Monty's eyes upon her, she wasn't ready for the look that Monty gave her or Karl, but she thought to herself it might be better to stay on Monty's good side. Her motions now set on Karl, and perhaps other TPI members secrets. As she heard Karl, say " 

let's forget about business for one night and enjoy the hospitaity of the Spa." 

Lishi smiled as she enjoyed those words that slipped out of his lips. She knew what he wanted and it wasn't the usual business. 
Velvet gracefully nodded to Karl, amused by his liking of Lishi, she continued to listen to Monty's promotion of Karl, but her mind was on other things, the night was still young and anything could happen. She clapped along with others as the final acceptance speech was said by Karl, 

Monty leaned over to Velvet and whispered, "Why was it so important to have the Lt. Commander here this evening?" and pointed to the young pilot. 

Velvet glanced over in the direction of the Lt. Commander, "I am not sure but Mihkil asked if he could invite a few pilots and other friends, and his name happen to be on this list." Giving Monty, a very calm and classic smile that only Monty received. 

Velvet saw from the corner of her eyes,the way Lishi looked at Karl, she wondered what Lishi was up to and why her reaction was the way it was. 

Mihkil looked around in the company of all the big wigs around him, he knew that he had to be on his toes and listen to the conversation that flowed, but he glanced up to the stars over head, and wished two wishes. Than his eyes moved back to Velvet and Monty seeing them whisper to each other as if they were two little school kids passing secret information. He wonder why they never got together, he only knew a little bit of what his mom said, and of course what Monty just informed him about it. But Mihkil knew there was more to it, if only he could get down to the bottom once and for all. 

Mihkil thoughts were breifly intrupted by Chairmen Limiada as he asked Mihkil a question, "So, young man how do you feel about one day sitting at the Board?" 

Mihkil thought about it for a moment, " Well, one day of course, it would be a great honor, but I prefer the "hands-on-work" getting things done, when they need it to be done," he nodded once speaking very professional, glancing to the Chairman. 

Chairman Limiada smiled, "Good answer, your mother probably has a seat for you on her Board of Directors, I wouldn't mind being a part of it but I have my responsiblities at TPI, and plus your mother has always had a good investment sense." 

Mihkil smiled, "Well, Mom always did know when invest and not to." 

Chairman Limiada nodded as he focus on Monty conversation with another TPi member. 

Velvet smiled at Mihkil, without any words, he knew what she was thinking. 
Elysium stood near the cherry trees that outlined the courtyard, from this angle he could see every part of the area. He saw Monty, Velvet and Mihkil sitting at the table, with Lishi and Karl and others. Elysium still could not come to trust Lishi like Velvet did, but Vel knew something was up just by the way she looked at Lishi. Elysium's eyes squinted as they narrowed into the outer perimeter of the court yard, he could see cameras flash as the news crew attended the gala. He knew all this was just a cover up for what was going on. His men busily worked on the Nas'cent project, making sure things were ready at a moments notice. He spotted the pilot scurry through the crowd, grabbing a drink and looking at the ladies around him, Ely chuckled to himself as he shook his head, seeing that the young pilot was well taken care of course. 

Elysium assistant appeared of out the shadows once more, in their strange and twisted language, they spoke," Contact has been assumed, they have guarantee safe passage through the system, must assume contact by 22:35:15:02. as his assistant stood next to him watching the crowd. Elysium and his assistant was a strange breed of human, his appearance could be mistaken for a softness in his face, but his weakness was his strength, to protect and serve, to be loyal to those closest to him, to many secrets had to be guarded and Velvet was one of them. As he glanced to her, she was one of the many keys to the on going situations in front of him. Elysium assistant, remarked, "Good turn out, must we inform Velvet of any concerning situation?" Ely spoke back, " Nahyata," His assistant made a swift movement and returned to the place he came from." 

Ely stood over and watched all of them enjoy themselves, unknowing of what lies ahead of them. 
Kail moved his way through the crowd swiftly. He could smell food in the air and made his way towards the banquet table. Ughhhhh he thought to himself not more Peking Duck so he moved over and helped himself to some gourmet cheese, bread, and fruit which he heaped upon a plate and moved away to a more quite corner of the of the banquet hall to eat. He rapidly began to stuff food into his mouth when he heard a quiet ahem come from his right. He looked up to see a short but striking brunette staring at him. She was wearing an electric blue dress that flowed over body and her long dark hair swept over one shoulder. Kail suddenly forgot that he had a mouth full of food and stared back at her blankly. 

"Well what have here?" she asked in a coy tone "How did you get an invite here Lt Commander?" 

Kail stared stupidly back trying to figure out where exactly he knew her from. She was far too hot for him not to remember her from his past but he could swear hed seen her somewhere before. 

"You dont recognize me do you Kail?" she asked. She then laughed at him as he still stared back vacantly at her his mouth still filled with food. " I see your eating habits havent changed at all though. I always told you if you didnt watch yourself you would chew off your own hand one day." 

Kail suddenly reminded of how stupid he looked downed his food with a single gulp. Kail was not exactly what you would call a "smooth talker" with women. In fact most times saying his own name to a female was a mission. He often tried to avoid social occasions because all the rest of the pilots always egged him on to hit on woman for a laugh. 

"You dont recognize me do you? Maybe if I had a medical officers uniform on? Its me you idiot. Melissa, or as you so fondly call me Warrant Officer Frost. I served with you on the Dauntless remember? I was the ships chief medical consultant." 

Kail suddenly felt a bit trapped. Her name didnt ring any bells and as he looked at his surroundings he suddenly found that he had no where left to conveniantly move himself out. The woman had deliberatly placed herself so that the only way to leave the table was through her. And she didnt look like she wanted to go anywhere to quickly. She then asked the words that he had been dreading for the whle night. 

"Would you like to dance with me?" 
Velvet smoothly glanced over to the upper area of the courtyard, she saw Ely standing watch over the area and beside him was Amlsym his trusted companion they were speaking in such a manner that only Velvet knew about, something was up and brewing amidst the area. She had to be prepared, than suddenly a small note was slipped to her from behind, one of her attache' nodded in a different direction allowing her view to be alter, she glanced around than down at the note, unfolding it carefully, reading it to herself, 

~~~~Your company has been requested by Sut Cliffee, it is a matter of great importance regarding N~~~ 

The note very short, but to the point. She nodded to her attache' as the attendant left, the table. She glanced over to Monty who was quite enjoying the attention of the party, her eyes moved over to Karl and Lishi slightly shook her head, than over the heads of several TPI members. She watched how Mihkil took control of the situation by speaking to the Board members. Mihkil seemed to be in his own world answering question, but she knew if she were to leave now, it would be entirely rude. After all, this was a party she placed her name to. 

She tilted her head a bit towards Monty,"We need to speak later" she crumpled the note in her hand, not sure if he had seen that action. She softly smiled at him, "we have some unfinished business to tend to." Her voice drifting over him and only him. 
Monty looked at Velvet but he had caught the first part of the message on a note passed to her while he was involved with the TPI Board members. The only thing he caught was; "... has been requested by Sut Cliffee, it is ..."

Then Velvet whispered, "We need to speak later,... we have some unfinish business to tend to."

There was much going on, Monty divided his time attention between Velvet, Mihkil, Karl and Lishi, Kail and the very interesting young lady that was talking to him, as well as his security team. 

Something was going on and he knew that it involved Velvet, he knew that she dealt in many things, most very confidential. He had grown used to the fact that Velvet had secrets that she chose not to share and this would be one in a long line of moments that would slip away because she must attend to something. So many times before, there was a promise to talk, that just never seemed to happen. He sighed and said, "I can see something has come up, you go ahead, I can get Mihkil and we wll capture Ms. Mella Semigo long enough for you to slip away. Then, when we get a chance, we can talk." He said that not really believing it. He squeezed Velvet's hand under the table and excused himself to find Mihkil. It was not the first time he had flown cover, just never for Velvet before.

The meal was well into the coffe and chat stage and it was time for Monty to mingle anyway. As he walked to find Mihkil, he noticed Lishi and Karl whisper something to Velvet and then leave. He noticed Mihkil arriving at Kail's table and walked over to get his son. He arrived soon after Mihkil, in time to hear, "... That you found each other. Melissa, I promised and I delivered, here he is in the flesh."

Monty spoke next, "So Mihkil, you play matchmaker in your spare time? I must say, I do approve of you choices. but... I need to borrow you for a moment to help your mother out." To Kail, he said, cryptically, "Lt Commander Ryker, it is obvious you have been painted and there is no way to avoid the engagement, I suggest you move with all due haste and make contact. Besides, I thnk you might even like it." Monty winked, smiled, and left Kail and the young lady to their own devices, but from the look on the girls's face, Kail didn't stand a snowbell's chance in hell.

He quietly said to Mihkil, "We need to distract Ms. Semigo, long enough to allow your mother to slip away for a little while, then I promise I will let you get back with your friends, particularly, the female types." Monty and Mihkil grinned conspiratorially to each other.
Kail looked up to what he hoped was his salvation. Monty was walking over to the table he sitting at. Although he was smiling and happy Kail had seen that kind of party face on his Military CO's for his whole military career and he knew something was up. He was tempted to try telepathy but firmly shot that thought down. Now was not the time to go snooping. 

Melissa was currently in front of him with her hand firmly extended waiting for Kail to accept her invite. A number of lies quickly flashed through his head as he wrestled with some way to get out of his current situation. It wasnt that this girl wasnt drop dead georgeous but it was a fact that Kail couldnt dance when he was nervous. The more nervous he became the worse it usually got. 

He ludicrously thought maybe Im recovering from having from having 3 inches of glass in his side but decided the story although true sounded like a ludicrous lie. He heard Monty say something to him but to be honest he wasnt listening to word of it. He was sure that the older man was making fun of him however as he saw Monty wink at him from the corner of his eye. His curiousity peaked as to wear Velvet had dissapeared to but he let it slip. It must have been important for her to leave Monty's side. 

"Well?" she asked "Or are you going to sit there staring at me all night." 

He could swear he heard Monty chuckle in the background. Kail finally gave up and surrendered. He took one look at Melissa's face and decided that she had already made her mind for the both of them. 

"I'd be delighted too." he said finally "But no fast songs. I have two left feet when it comes to dancing." 

He took her lovely and moved from the table with her to the dance floor. Melissa was all grace and poise and she moved as if walking on air. Before he had a chance to react she slipped her hand gracefully along his elbow so they were now arm to arm. As they left he fixed Monty with his best scowl. Monty just smiled blandly back at him. Kail swallowed hard as he really hoped he didn't screw this one up. 
Velvet moved quickly away from the mingling crowds, she turned her head abit to see Mihkil and Monty speaking, it amazed her how much they looked alike. Briefly nodding to a few others whose attention seemed to be on jugglers. She made her way quickly to the Red Room, she nodded once to one of the security team members standing there, he than notified Elysium where she was heading. She hated moments like this, as she thought to herself, ~~Can never get a moment alone with Monty~~how she wanted that , but couldn't have it at the moment. She placed her hand on a panel that quickly flashed green as it took a scan of her left eye. The doors slide open, as she regained herself, she knew he was lurking in the dark, ready to jump out at a moments notice. The room was unusually dark, the monitors on the wall were the only light to the room, she saw as she stepped in the monitor 15 was focus on Monty and Mihkil. She stepped forward, as the doors closed in on her. Her eyes getting use to the dark, hearing a sound to the left of her. She was on guard.

Location: Red Room Level 5 Restricted-- Botanical Planet Spa
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Na Sut Cliffe, Velvet DeAncer
Na Sut Cliffe stood looking deeply into the monitor in front of him, his eye piercing as he watched Velvet on the screen, they had a love/hate relationship, this made him confused, yet his glare seemed to pierce through it, he always wanted Velvet to make a wrong move, something to make him jump through his skin, his mind always taking it one step further, how he would love to grasp that neck of her and twist it into millions of pieces, but all of his programming he had to hold back, he knew of his strength partly because of his robotic attachments they had secretly made. He longed to be a part of the party to be normal like everyone else. But they did this to him, they the corporate structure,how they laughed and had fun at his expense. His eyes swung over to Monty Walker, how that smile of Monty caused what veins Na Sut had left to boil. Na Sut clutch the side of the chair crushing it into pieces, seeing Monty move his arm around Velvet chair, the two whispering. Na Sut wanted to escape the place, but they but that damn tracking device behind his left eye to see what he sees and where to go. Na Sut hated every part of him, but counter measure were placed within him to stop and violent movements against his "programmers." He had seen Velvet in his dreams, how she would come in when necessary and speak to him in a strange tone of voice, he knew she wasn't like the others, she had a secret life of her own. Na Sut knew this, he knew what could destroy her, he dreamed of the day that would happen. Na Sut remember the day when she took him on his first assignment, gathering information from sources that were no longer available to speak, his face smirked as he enjoyed taking out the competition. This made his program smile. 

It was almost time for another set of programming, as one of the attendant returned to the "Red Room." Na Sut sat into one of th chairs, as the attendant spoke, "Velvet will be here shortly," Hooking him up to varies systems to monitor his heart and brain functions while in sleep mode. Na Sut slightly growled not speaking to the attendant, this made the attendant nervous. Na Sut could see the change in breathing patterns when ever he did the growl, that made Na Sut happy for the time being, yet never showing that. He closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep by shutting out the outside world. 

Na Sut's eyes quickly opened as he heard the door slowly open, he knew this meant only one thing, Velvet arrived. He knew she would be careful as he stood quickly lining himself with the darkness of the walls. The monitor lights flicker casting shadows upon the walls. Na Sut slide with his back against the wall, without a sound making his way towards Velvet, he saw her looking at the screen, now was the time to strike, lunging forward at Velvet. Making the sound of a warrior that echo through the room, the attendant was startled as he fell against the floor of the Red Room.
Velvet heard the echo around her, she knew that he was around. Barely even turning around she saw the figure come at her, with a whisk of her hand and a step back , she was able to outsmart Na Sut. Velvet saw him stumble to the ground, she went into her fighting stance, it was the usual between the two, Na Sut always needing a new challenge when ever he was bored. Velvet infamous smirk crossed her face, as she stood there with her hands in the old earth style of Tae Kwon Do, she waited for him to respond her her words," Na Sut, why now? What is bothering you?"
Na Sut rolled than jump to his feet, "Velvet, your attentions else where, we have a job to do." Once again he jumped in Matrix formation towards her, landing one feet in front of her, about to strike with his left palm into mid center chest, Na Sut noticed her attire was not the usual fighting attire, "Must you forget what the plans?" As he relaxed his stance. 

" I never forget what the plans are," that smirk on her face, "I have made all the necessary arrangements to keep certain members busy for the time being. " Taking four steps back she knew he could easily strike, she saw his composure relax a bit, but with Na Sut you never know. Velvet knew the door was two steps away, "Na Sut, get your rest, tomorrow we will execute the plans." She made her move to leave the Red Room.

Na Sut retorted, "Velvet, it would only cause you heart break, I see the way you look at him, he will just leave you once more, you will see something always comes up and he will abandon you again." Na Sut knew these words would strike home, this made him relish the words more than striking her with his fist.

Velvet with a slight turn of her head as she faces the door, " Na Sut, you are indeed getting better at your comments, thinking out the new game plan is indeed a step in the right direction for you." Velvet knew that this would be a deadly game play as Na Sut began to think things out for himself. The doors open as she stepped out, a quick deep sigh made her think of the words Na Sut said. She quickly made her way back to Mihkil and to see if Monty was still around, she had to speak with him before he left.

Lishi smiled at Karl, she had her thoughts very well laid out, it was time to go to the club as she felt the drap lightly slide onto her skin, her simple answer, whispering it to him, "Yes," barely audioable to any one else except him. With a stretch of her slender leg she slide into the back of the limo with him, the interiors nice and comfortable enough for the both of them to stretch in. The darken windows of the limo shut out the going on of the outside world, she notice that the panel that seperated the front from the back was closed for private conversations. Turning to Karl, she waited for him to enter the limo, as he slide in, Lishi reached over softly placing her lips barely inches away from him, "Congratulations on your new promotion," seductively letting those words flow from her lips. Lishi movements matched the mood she was in. Lishi and Karl finally alone for those moments.

Karl had caught Monty's signal, he didn't waste time and began to dial. He sensed that Monty was not comfortable with this arrangement, the look on his face seem to say, "Remember, Beth is a friend too." Karl understood but, Monty did not know the whole story, Beth and he had managed to keep the matter from everyone and that was the primary reason that Karl decided to stay on at TPI instead of retiring. Monty recognized that this was more than just business, but he was not going to intervene his friend's affairs.

Karl spoke, "Hello, may I speak with Dominique?... ...Meagan? Well, may I speak with her, then. Thank you. I will wait... ...Hello Meagan? My name is Karl Tannebaum, I am with TPI and we have a booth that we use frequently, 13F. I was wondering if that was available this evening? Certainly, I will wait... ...Excellent, thank you. If you could hold that in my name, there will be two and I expect that we will be there in anywhere from one to two hours... ...And, I am looking forward to meeting you as well Ms.?... ...LaFayette. Thank you again. Until later." 

He leaned over to Lishi and told her that they would be able to go to the club when it was appropriate. The dinner progressed through the courses and several parties stopped to pay their respects to the head table. A little later an aide tapped Lishi on the shoulder, Lishi nodded, the aide continued on and passed a note to Velvet. Soon, thereafter, Monty excused himself and went to mingle. Karl pulled his personal comm and dialed quickly, "Stefan, we will be leaving for the Hyeilt Club soon, I expect that we will be at the front entrance in about a half hour, there will be two... ...No, not Mr. Walker, someone else. Good, thank you." He then leaned to Lishi and said, "When you are ready." 

Lishi, without speaking summoned, no less than 5 aides and after quick whispering, turned to Karl and said, "We can go now, if you wish." It was then that Karl noticed that Velvet was missing. However, he put that in the back of his mind. 

He stood and assisted Lishi with her chair and they began to make their way to the entrance. Karl was somewhat surprised that Lishi did not seem to want to go to her quarters. Karl's estimation was very accurate and about a half hour later they were at the front entrance, the Limo was waiting and his things were being loaded in, along with others and one of Lishi's aides handed Karl a wrap that matched her dress. Karl smiled and draped it over Lishi's shoulders. Karl paused for just a moment to wonder at the turn of events that had brought him to this point. He looked at the beauty and said, "Lishi, shall we?" 

Velvet was able to slip back into the court yard, those around were happily beaming of excitement, some that came as a couple soon were joined by a third perhaps a fourth person for the night, she smiled at everyone, secretly she knew their preferences for others, everyone would definitely enjoy their selves tonight. She managed to find Monty taking a walk out on the veranda, she paused a bit seeing him standing there, he was so deep in thought she quietly moved towards him, the time seemed right, they were alone for those few minutes. Velvet couldn't help it, she curled her arm right into his, this was a perfect fit, whispering to him, "May I join you in your thoughts?" The breeze of the night, swept around them, her hair slightly fell out of place, looking up to Monty. 

In the TPI Limo en route to The Hyielt Club

Lishi's face hovered near Karl's. She had patiently and persistently moved them to thiis point and Karl was not about to let that go unrewarded. Here, there were no TPI dignitaries, reporters, hangers on, security, Monty or Velvet. The China Wall had been shattered and nothing remained between them. He reached with his left arm around her shoulder and drew her near and with his right hand, he cradled her head and bent slightly and pressed his lips against hers. He tasted Lishi, then he drank that which was the womain in. The moment may have lasted a minute or an hour, it did not matter, Karl was totally immersed in the aura of this woman.

Finally, the matter of breathing forced a pause. As Karl drew away he affectionately kissed the tip of her nose and brushed her mussed locks back into place. "Thank you Lishi, I would not care to hear it from anyone else, right now."

Karl, who is this woman? What makes you want to cling to her, in spite of the likely scandal and consequences. Oh... that is not too hard. She is like you, sitting in the background, making things happen and basking in the shadows of giants. What we want is the top spot, with others pulling strings in the background. We are kindred spirits the two of you and you do not wish to lose that connection. That is the character you have in front of you, but a woman as well, and what woman! In spite of everything else, you have never felt like this before. And giving up the feeling is something yo do not care to contemplate

But words were required now, soon they will arrive at the club and the invisible wall would assert itself again. "Lishi, I know so little about you, but before we part, I intend to learn everything I can about you. But I do not intend to let this opportunity pass." Quickly and gently he pulled her back to him and drank once more, until Stefan buzzed the couple to alert them that they had arrived at The Hyielt. 
Location: On the veranda-Botanical Planet Spa
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Velvet Deancer, AOM Glenn
"On the Veranda at The Botanical Spa

Monty felt her arm thread into place as though it always had been there and he heard the words,"... May I join you in your thoughts?..." 

Monty broke out of his reverie and looked down into the face he would always be lost in. "You have raised him so well, Vel, I guess I am only disappointed I was not there to help. But one thing you couldn't pull out of him. He is a fighter pilot, if ever I saw one."

Monty pulled her closer and looked out at the courtyard, "It is amazing what you have done here, when I remember what it was before.... It is truely amazing." 

Monty was dancing around the one question he knew he had to ask and he was sure that soon they would be required by the party again. Finally, he asked the question she expected and dreaded. 

"Vel, 15 years ago. Why?"

Velvet heard the words she dreaded, 

--"But one thing you couldn't pull out of him. He is a fighter, pilot if ever I saw one." 
She knew Monty was right about this one, this was one thing she could not fight any longer. Velvet closer to Monty than ever before, the moment was right. "Do you really remember how this place looked 15 years ago? " Velvet smiled at him, "The muddy creek ran in that direction," she pointed east to the now flowing creek . TPI definately generous in their donation to restoring this area. " She seemed to be beating around the bush from answering his question. 

Velvet looked into Monty's eyes she could never resist them. Velvet began to answer his question, " I tried to tell you, I came to the docks when I found out you were home but.........." her words drifted off. 

"I found out that I was with child, the next day, Ely took me to Dr. McClane, and she confirmed it. I tried to find out but you had already shipped out." 

I tried to keep up when you were here, but I couldn't it seemed like I always missed you some how. There are somethings I wish I could tell you," as she looked away" but time is not on our side right now, but there is one thing that never change and time will never change that." As she looked back at Monty, "I never stopped loving you, I never will and no one can stop that."

Lishi responded with passion in her kiss, the urge was no longer to hold back, she manage to place herself on his lap, one leg on each side of him, while kissing him, they were completely alone. The buzz of the driver didn't not stop her from responding to his kiss, his charm, she felt the rise of attraction between them. No barriers to hold them back. Lishi curled her fingers next to his cheeks, as she kissed him, softly letting her fingers stroke his face. The time couldn't have been more right, she was letting him know, he could of the power and everything that came with it. Lishi heard Karl whisper as she planted those soft lips upon every inch of his face, 

"Thank you Lishi, I would not care to hear it from anyone else, right now." 

"Lishi, I know so little about you, but before we part, I intend to learn everything I can about you. But I do not intend to let this opportunity pass." 

Lishi leaned back as the tip of their noses touch each other, "This opportunity will not pass, I just won't allow it to," She smiled seductively, " To be up front about things, yes, I do want you, everything about you and when I do, I plan on making you very very satisfied to beyond your means and back some." As she ran her hands down his side ,while she was still sitting on his lap, she allowed her self to rock back and forth but only one time, letting him feel the warmth between her, the only thing stopping them was their attire. As the limo came to a stop, she kisses Karl with a passion unlike before. Than with a swift move, she slide off of him, as the buzzing of the driver rang in the back. 
Elysium watched carefully over the crowd, it amused him how so many people can have fun and not even realized there was war in their own backyards. Carefully he made his way around the paths, nodding to several of the security team players and other soldiers that guard the place. He turned the corner and saw Velvet and Monty speaking, this made him smile, they needed some quiet time together. Ely nodded to Monty's security team, than to his own, softly he spoke to them, " Don't allow anyone within 20 feet of them, unless it is their son, Mihkil." Both teams understood as they quickly ran interference with who ever tried to speak to Velvet or Monty. Ely saw that things were under control so he made his way to a blossoming blond, quite cute ~~he thought, Ely moved around the lady, he was entirely attracted to her, he asked for her hand to dance, and she responded , "yes," Ely took her in his arms, as the song turned to a slow seductive mode. This made Ely grin, it was his style of dance he had preferred over the years. He took her close in his arms, letting her arms drape around him. He was built in ways, most women loved to hold. Slowly he began to move with this female, matching her speed, she was hypnotized into a dance of lust, Ely made sure she would feel him, and she did, she responded as if she and he made love on the dance floor. Her heart raced as Ely could feel it from the palm of her hand, he knew she was excited, quickly he maneuvered her off the dance floor and behind one of the massive trees out of the line of sight. This beautiful blond was his, and she agreed, they allowed them self the pleasure that was in store for most this night. 
They moved as one on the floor as Kail danced with Melissa.She rested her head on his shoulder and the smell of her was making Kail tremble. After a few quite laughs he and Melissa got over his nervousness and now Kail felt somehow complete with her in his arms. He sighed in pleasure and was surprised to hear Melissa doing the same. She trailed her fingers slowly across his back sending thrills down his spine. 

"Do you remember me yet?" she asked him as she raised her head to stare into his eyes. "Because I remember you and have never forgotten your face." 

"I'm sorry Melissa but I cant remember my tour with the Dauntless was so long ago and I've tried so hard to forget that tour." he replied his mind goin back. 

The Dauntless. Bad memories were the only thing Kail ever had of that ship. A tour of duty that would forever haunt him. If this woman knew him from that ship it could only be a bad thing. Kail bit down on his panic as forgotten unwanted memorories began to surface. 

She still held his eyes with hers and said " I know all you secrets Kail, I was one of the cheif medical staff on the Dauntless. I know why you hide that scar on your neck, I know why you are such a loner Kail and why you push everyone away. Ive been searching long and hard for you since you transferred from the Dauntless" 

That did it. He remembered now. Panic and fear rose in him as Kail backed away pushing Melissa out of his arms. She cried out to him and asked what was wrong but Kail suddenly felt trapped, hemmed in, and surrounded on all sides with everyone staring at him. He backed away in panic and Melissa tried to follow him but he turned and moved swiftly into crowd befire she could grab him. He moved swiftly thorough the crowd almost running as his panic overtook him. He could hear Melissa calling for him but would not look back as he ran across the dance hall and entered one of the rest rooms in a side corridor. As the door slid shut behind him he activated the security lock sealing it shut. 

The room was simple and small just a small restroom with a small bed, and bathroom uttilities. Simple and comfortable. Kail walked over to the sink and drew in some ragged gasps as he splashed some cold water on his face. He looked up in the mirror and caught sight of himself. he undid his shirt and pulled down his collar showing the wicked burn scar that he had on his neck. 

I thought I buried my past anf could start again. But it always comes back to haunt you. 

I should leave. I've already caused a huge scene on the dance floor and Melissa wont give up until she finds me. If she knew what I really was she would reject me in a second. They all would.....

"... really remember how this place looked 15 years ago?"

Monty smiled as he remembered, where the academy stood there was a staging base that he stayed at waiting for the Virginia to put out to space. The stream wound through less of a forest than a series of groves along the riverlet. That was before Nuribis became so central to commerce. The place had practically been wiped out by ill advised building, but it looked the part again, at least here it did.

"... I tried to tell you, I came to the docks when I found out you were home but.........:

...but you didn't have the nerve to face her. A war hero that couldn't even face the woman you loved. It is no wonder she never told you about Mihkil...

Monty's face grew a little dark at that thought

"... but there is one thing that never change and time will never change that... ... I never stopped loving you, I never will and no one can stop that."

Monty could scacely believe the words, she had every right to dispise him. When she needed him he was no where to be found.

A smile curved on his face and he said, "Vel, that just ended the most miserable 15 years in history." Monty bent close and gently kissed Velvet on the lips after 15 long dry years. 
At the entrance an Elysium security guard stopped an elderly yet still determined looking gentelman by getting slightly in his way, also keeping in mind that the man was escorted by several of his own bodyguards. 

"Sir, this is an invitation only occasion. May I see yours?" 

The man looked at the security officer with a gaze of certainty as he began to make clear his reasons as to why he will enter without any invitation: 

"I am here to see my son Montgomery. It is of most vital importance that I speak with him now." 

As the security officer checked with his comms badge for a moment, the voice on the other end of it verified that family members of Monty could attend regardless of invitation. Looking back at the man and at his bodyguards he thought that there would most likely be a disruptive scene were he to double check or delay the man any more and so he reluctantly moved aside as the man made his way inside, closely followed by the bodyguards, after they had been disarmed of their weapons of course. 

However the man did not wait up for his escort as he nervously shifted his head left and right, searching for his son, but all the while retaining a firm and correct posture, walking in a determined manner as well. The person's head movements almost seemed to border on frantic as he looked around the spa. 

Finnaly upon finding his son together with another person during a most intimate moment he decided to take up a position some distance away from him and stand there with his arms locked in front of him. 

Geoffrey Walker looked at his own son with a sense of disapproval as he watched him kiss Velvet...
Location: On the veranda-Botanical Planet Spa
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Velvet Deancer, AOM Glenn
The Veranda at The Botanical spa

Monty smiled down at Velvet and said, "Happy anniversery Vel... I'll wager that you thought I had forgotten. That is why I had to bring Ben's broach tonight. It should have been 15 years ago tonight. Oh, I have a message from Ben..." Just then his pers comm buzzed twice, Monty carped at himself for not turning it off, now that he had Vel to himself. He picked up the phone and said, "Allen, this had better be good."

"Sir, I think you had better look to your left."

Puzzled, Monty looked up and to the left and spotted the unmistakable figure looking back at him. The look on the face was the same as when he announced that he was going to attend flight school. No anger there, just his father disapproving of his son, again. "Well, I guess tomorrow morning was not soon enough." Monty said under his breath. It was too late to read the datapad, whatever it was, he was going to have to play it by ear.

Velvet felt Monty stiffen and looked up to see what was wrong and her eyes found him. Even after fifteen, years he evoked a powerful and daunting personae. The former Secretary-General of the UN, his son and his lover had come full circle.
Location: Private Room-Botanical Planet Spa
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Kail
Private Room - Botanical Spa 

She was still there searching Kail thouight, he could sense her mind through the jumbled mass of party goers. He could feel her panic and fear and Melissa frantically searched the spa for him. Her mind was a small spark of light in a sea of choatic thought and emotions that threatened to overwhelm Kail so he shut down his telepathy. He drew in some ragged breaths; he hadn't done that in awhile. 

He was still in the private room in the Spa lying on the simple but comfortable bed. Painful memories that he had long forgotten were surfacing in his life again. His mind drifted back...... 

U.N Carrier - The Dauntless: L.M.C - Terran Border 

"Freak! Mutant! Weirdo! Monster!" were the calls as he lay on the floor in a pool of his own blood. As he tried to rise fists, boots, forearms and knees hammered into him sending him back to floor again. Someone had let out his secret and had accessed his private medical files. It was all over the ship now that Kail was a Telepath and now a bunch of soliders had caught him alone in the hanger and were dealing out their prejuduce to him. A fist slammed into his face and he could feel his cheekbone shatter under the impact. His vision went red as they rained in more blows. He screeamed in pain as a steel cap boot smashed his ribs like kindling wood. Another heavy boot slammed down on his hand smashing the bones to shards. They dragged his broken body over to his fighter and began to vandilze it. Kail heard a moment of silence as he lay on the floor. They then tore open his shirt and applied a live electrical cable to the bare skin of his neck. 

He jerked from side to side as electricity raced through his body. Something snapped in him as he began to scream in anguish. Pain flooded every core of his being as he felt the jagged edges of his ribs stabbbing into his lungs. In his pain he falied to notice that the blows had suddenly stopped. He still screamed and screamed as his broken body reacted to the damage done to it...... 

Reality came back to him slowly as he sat in the dimly lit room. He liked the silnce around him it gave him the strength to calm down. He sat up and drew a breath as he began to try and formulate a plan to leave without being seen. He couldnt hide in this room all night and Melissa would find him eventually. 
Location: In front of Hieylt
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Lishi, Karl
In front ofThe Hyielt Club

"...Mr Tannebaum?"

Karl reached and tabbed the intercom.

"Yes, Stefan."

"Has there been a change in plans, sir?"

Ever, the tactful one, Stefan was covering for him, Karl thought, "No, we were in the midst of a discussion, we will be stopping here."

The door swung open and Karl exited then turned and helped Lishi out, who discreetly straightened herself and took Karl's arm. Karl nodded to Stefan and the hover limo slid away to wait. Karl smiled at Lishi and they approached the door of The Club. Karl knew there was going to be a price to pay, but that was in the future and right now was magic. At the door, he smiled opened the door for her and said, "On to our future." 
Dance Floor - Botanical Spa 

Melissa frantically tore her waty thorught the crowd trying deperatatly to track where Kail had fled too. She mentally cursed herself, she knew how he'd react when remembering what had happened but she still had to push him over the edge anyway. But shed put too much time and effort into tracking him down to just let him run from her now. She shoved and bulled her way through the crowd her eyes scanning the walls and nearby doorways trying to find where Kail could be hiding. Memories of him became apparent as she worked her way through the log jam of people.... 

UN Carrier Fighter Deck: LMC/TDR Borders 

Melissa grumbled to herself as she was roused from her sleep. The emergency channel in her quarters sounded waking her from her sleep. 

"Medical Emergency! Medical team report to the fighter deck immediatly!." repoerted the ship AI 

Probably just some drunk flyboy playing god again in his cockpit she thought to herseff as she hurridly dressed and ran from her quarters and accessed the access lifts to the Hanger Decks. She quickly dicovered how wrong she actually was. The flight deck was as quiet as a graveyard as she stepped off the lifts. She was obviously the first one there. Various fighters were positioned on the deck in various stages of matinance. Most of the flyboys always liked adding personal "touch-ups" to their fighters. As she threaded her way thorugh the ships she saw it. A huge pool of what looked to be blood was in the middle of the hanger bay with a bloody trail leading off to the right. She walked up to it and touched a finger to it and tasted it. Still warm and it definatly was blood alright. She stood up and follwed the trail around the fighter deck. She shivered in spite of herself in paranoia; this was getting weird she thought. 

As she followed the trail and it lead to a looking bizarre scene. The source of the trail was a man who lay on the ground curled in the feotal postion. He was covered in what looked to be his own blood and was weakly moving on the floor. Six soliders also lay in various poses on the ground. She checked one of the survivors. Although unconcious the man was had an expresion of pain on his face. He was also bleeding from his eyes, ears, nostrils and to a lesser degree his mouth as well. All the other peacekeepers had similar injuries. 

She moved to the check the last man who looked to be a pilot. He was covered in wounds and he looked like he had alot of internal injuries. She sniffed the air around him. She could smell the barbeque scent in the air. Yuck she thought as she gently tried to flip him over. Someone has really worked this guy over she thought. She gently probed his body locating the broken bones and trying to find the internal injuries. Each touch bought a groan of pain from the man on the floor. He looked unconcious, must have blacked out from shock she thought to herself. As she rolled him over she failed to notice the electrical cable the man was lying on. As she rolled him over she accidentally exposed the mans neck to the live cable The results were immediate and painful......

Her flashback was interupted briefly when she collided with one of the party goers. They went down in a tangle and Melissa fought to get too her feet. As she rose up she miumbled a quick apology to the man her eyes still scanning the room for Kail. She looked around and was suprised to see it was Mihkil she had tripped over. With almost a sob in her voice she began to talk to him. 

"Mihkil youve got to help me. Have you seen Kail Ryker? Hes a pilot here tonight. I think he might be in trouble."
Location: Exclusive Invitation--Botanical Planet Spa
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Kail
Kevin walked over to the spa at the star port and cursed as he saw the guards "Excuse me sir this is invite only" the guard said, Lets see where did i put it.... Kevin thought as he rummaged his pockets for the invitation hmm.... got it! he pulled it out and handed the invitation to the guard, the guard looked over it then just stepped aside and Kevin walked on into the party crowded in here... he thought when suddenly a girl came of the crowd and ran straight into him "what the... hey watch where your going would you?" "Oh... I'm sorry, I'm just in a hurry, say have you seen a man named Kail?" she gave him a description after he looked at her confused "no sorry, i let him know your looking miss?" "just Melissa... excuse me" and she ducked past him Good luck finding him Kevin thought I need to relax, after that incident with my brother... "Excuse me" he said signaling the closest person who looked like they worked here "Where can i get a massage?" he asked "Back over in one of those rooms" they said "Thanks" heading over to the closest room he opened the door and noticed a guy laying on the bed "Oh sorry I didn't know someone was in here.... hey you look like that guy, Kail or something, someone is looking for you out there." he said and waited for his response. 

Private Room - Botanical Spa 

Kail looked up in suprise. He was sure he'd locked the door. He rose up to regard the man before him. A broad grin broke out on his face. He knew this man. 

"Well as I live and breathe if it isn't Kevin Bradley!" he exclaimed 

The other man looked startled as he obviously had no idea of who Kail was at least anyway. Although he had never served with this pilot in the past Cobra Squadron had a vicious reputation in the fleet for getting the job done. Kail had always rated the Cobras and used them as a benchmark to train his own squardon, aptly named Wraith Squadron. 

"You may not me very well but Ive seen you and your cobras in various fleet intel reports. The names Kail Ryker, Flight Leiutenant of Wraith Squadron." 

He glanced nervously out the door to see if he had ben spotted yet and motioned for the Kevin to come in. He could see Melissa in the distance dashing round still trying to find him. He cursed under his breath. He'd forgotten how remarkably stubborn women could be. He ushered Kevin in shut the door 

"I:m glad to see I'm not the only fly boy who decided to show up here after all....." 

"Well I'm honored to know you know of me and my crew, what is this about anyway? that Melissa looking for you I mean, I can tell you don't want here to find you." Kevin said after Kail had closed and locked the door,

"Oh, i see... yes there is a tour of duty i wanted to forget but i don't, because it reminds me of my mistakes and how to correct them, it all began after I was assigned to my brothers ship. I was still blaming myself for his loss, later on my tour i found out that this ship i was in was supposed to support my brothers ship in patrolling but it was ordered not to by the captain.."


What the hell!!! if this ship had been there my brother would not have died and neither would have the rest of the crew on that ship.... I'm gonna kill that bastard Kevin thought as he raced through the halls of the Union Pride, a Titan Class Battlecruiser, till he got the turbolift and headed to the level where the officers quarters, Laser pistol in hand he ran to the Captains room blasting the guards at the door then opened the door stepped in and locked it "you.... you caused the death of my brother and for that you shall pay!" "What i don't k...." the man was interrupted by a laser shot straight to the head...


"... And later i found that the captain was new and the old one, who ordered not to go into battle, had been transferred. I was almost court-marshaled but they didn't have any witnesses or enough visual evidence that I did it, now i live with the knowledge that i killed an innocent man to satisfy my lust for vengeance."

Grivyk sat in a corner enjoying himself. As he listened to the music and watched the couples dancing he smiled to himself. The food was great, which was evident from the small pile of plates at his table. 

Grivyk was surpised as the entire crowd had suddenly, automatically paused itself in a most unnatural way as an old demanding, esoteric man entered the garden. Grivyk could feel the man's electricty emanating from him as he walked over to a table and sat. Almost immediately the crowd began move again. It was almost as though someone had a paused a movie and pressed play again. 

Grivyk shivered slightly and continued to watch the goings on. 
Location: The General Exclusive Invitation--Botanical Planet Spa
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Velvet Deancer, AOM Glenn
Monty looked over to his father and silently sighed. This was the man from which he desperately wanted approval, disapproving, once more. Since Monty's graduation from the Academy, things between Geoffrey Walker Sr and Monty had been tense. The Academy had made him self-sufficient and independent. It had imbued him with self confidence, so much so, that he was determined to owe nothing success wise to anyone but himself. Then, Geoffrey Jr was killed in action and the tension achieved a whole new level. All the aspirations that Geoffy held for politics and power were swept away and his father's focus now fell to Monty. Monty had shown leadership in the military and in business. Monty wore his power rather more nonchalantly for his father's taste, but he did have and used power well. Monty was sure that his father's plans included Monty's induction in the political arena. While, Monty did not discount this idea for the future, he did not want it in his present. 

Monty felt Velvet tense, he was not sure if it was in readiness to flee or to charge the person in front of them, he did not care to find out and shortcircuited or at least delayed whatever was brewing between the two by quietly speaking to Velvet, "Vel, could I talk you into finding Mikhil? This is someone he really ought to meet." Velvet's fierce look melted into a soft face as she realized this was not the proper venue for words with "The General". Still, she wanted the old man to realize whose turf onto he had wandered. She pulled Monty's face to hers and gave him a long lingering kiss, smiled brightly at Monty and then suprised him by gliding over to Geoffrey Walker and say, "General Walker, it was so kind of you to come and celebrate with your son. Please do not hurry away, there is someone I very much want you to meet." Then, she getly planted an affectionate peck on the old adversary's cheek. With very little effort she had diffused the situation and had given Monty a lead. 

Monty surveyed the room quickly as he walked over to where his father was standing. There were the 4 everpresent bodyguards of his father's and his five security, there was a face he did not recognize immediately, still watching intently. Consul Remarque had noticed and was heading descreetly in their direction and one other watching as well the rest had bought Velvet's story and were happi;y enjoying the party. 

Monty reached his father and gave the man a son's embrace, "Father, thank you for coming, it is a pleasant surprise and I know that you are extremely busy, so I am grateful you made the time to come. I was surprised to hear you were on Nuribis, what brings you to my neck of the woods sir?" 
Consul Remarque nodded to his wife, who had gathered up a few dinner invitations in order to further cement Rosebourg offers for some contracts which still needed to be signed in order to renovate certain sections of the Consulate on the Nuribis. He had, however, noticed there was a friend in need on the other side of the room. Remarque gave a quick tug to his wife, letting her know of his impending departure. He quickly made his way towards the hosts of the party, making sure to make several eye contacts so that he would be greeted on arrival - diplomacy was such a... practiced art. 

"Mr. Walker?" 
Location: Private Room-Botanical Planet Spa
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Kail
Private Room - Botanical Spa 

Kail nodded his head in sympathy, he knew the Cobra's had just come off a hard tour. Kevin's Court Martial had also been the gossip of the fighter core. Kail could sympathise with him there had been times that he had also wanted to take similar action against a couple of CO's that he had as well. He didnt need telepathy to know that this was an angry but sad man. He motioned for Kev to sit next to him. Accessing the small minibar in the footlocker by the bed he pouered himself a small glass of bourbon and began drinking. 

"I think your reading too deeply into it Kev. Its the war i think, it does strange things to all of us. Making a personal suggestion though its never a good idea to get involved in the same units or missions that your family are involved in. My sister Jade is in the Terran ground forces and athough I worry about her every day." 

He drained his bourbon with a gulp. 

"If I may say something your being awfully forward with a person you've never met before. I mean I've had some really brutal tours but have always kept them to myself. Was your last tour really that bad?"

Location: The General Exclusive Invitation--Botanical Planet Spa
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Velvet Deancer, AOM Glenn, AOM Kim
Watching Velvet kiss Monty proved to be too hard a challenge for the military hardened General as he decided to glance around the room very quickly, trying to find something else to observe and coming back onto the couple with his eyes only thrice momentarily in the hopes that the kiss would be over quick. 

It seemed so unfair that this woman would now take away his son like this, but still...there was little he could do. He shifted nervously as he saw the kiss finally end for what seemed to be the longest time for him ever until of course she started making her way towards him and finally speaking words, which he could tell were not exactly the most sincere in their manner of being spoken: 

"General Walker, it was so kind of you to come and celebrate with your son. Please do not hurry away, there is someone I very much want you to meet." 

As the peck landed on the General's cheek he felt the need to edge himself away from it and barely constrained himself from doing so because of general curtesy. After he endured it however he saw his son come back to his arms. "Soon enough things will be as they once were." he thought as he embraced his son and contemplated the best way in how to proceed in answering his inquiry: 

"I have...quite a story that we could collaborate together on my son. Do you per chance..." 

At that point a leftover from his military training made him notice Consul Remarque approaching the two from the side and he turned in advance towards him along with his son to anticipate his next sentence. The Consul said in a casual yet courteous manner: 

"Mr. Walker?" 

And it was as if the father's wish for the two to do more things together had begun fulfilling itself when both Monty and Geoffrey responded to the inquiry simultaneously: 


"Oh" Consul Remarque was taken aback by both man answering to the same name, "I apologize for causing an inconvenience on the both of you." 

Consul Remarque smiled, looking over at the person he didn't know who had likewise answered to the name. 

"A second Mr. Walker on Starport Nuribis? Surely there is little room for two Walkers in here. The first Mr. Walker has certainly made quite an impression on the community, surely two of you would mean we'd need to rename the Starport, Starport Walker!" 

Consul Remarque hoped the joke would be well received... in any case it'd be a good way to sense just how tense things were on this side of the party. 

Monty grinned at the quick recovery, The Diplomat was known for never being in a situation where he was taken unawares and the chance to see him in action was a pleasure. Monty admired the mental agility of diplomats.
"Consul Remarque, my apologies, may I introduce my father former Secretary-General of The Terran Democratic Republic, Geoffrey Walker. Father, Consul Remarque is the very efficient representative of The Rosebourgh Monarchy here at Nuribis. I believe the good Consul was addressing his inquiry to me. How may I help Sir?" 

Monty felt fortunate, first because he needed to find the Consul in the first place, but it was a break in tension from the initial meeting. Monty wondered if it was coincidental or if the career diplomat simply saw a need to intervene. either way, Monty was very grateful for this chance, he very much wanted to find out what would drive his father to seek him out in a place he clearly identified as hostile. 

Monty smiled and waited for The Consul to answer. 
Location: Private Room-Botanial Planet Spa
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Kail
Privte Room - Botanical Spa 

As he drained the last of his bourbon Kail squared his shoulders and decided to leave the room. He looked up at Kev who was looking in a real conflict like maybe he had said too much. Before he could reply to Kail's previous question the pilot rose to his feet and walked over to the door. 

"Sorry to leave you like this Kev but I've got some business with a certain young lady out there who Im sure youv'e met. My advice to you would be to chill out and get some perspective. Dont let the war or the events it brings change the person you are on the inside. I'll see you round Kev meet me later for a drink and we'll talk then." 

With that he left the room and walked nervously into the main hall. Melissa would still be looking for him so he decided to start there. As he walked out he noticed a commotion going on by terrace entrance. Monty stood there with Velvet talking in a quiet tone to a small but important looking group. Recognition flashed through his mind as he recognized Monty's father standing next to him. 

So the big bad wolf himself has come to crash the party huh? Well knowing your father itas a good thing Velvet's there to back you up. Good luck my friend... you'll need it..... 

His bodyguards had fenced off the narrow entrance to the balcony where it looked like a heated conversation was taking place. A flash of anger took hold of Kail as he recognised one of the bodyguards standing next to Monty's father. It was the same man who had hit Kail and sped off in the hover limo! Kail gave an evil smile as he rubbed his jaw (which still throbbed slightly) as he contemplated what to do. 

He considered walking over there and beating the crap out of the unfortunate bodyguard. He discounted the idea because it would mean he'd get thrown out. He smiled as an idea came to mind. Scowling as focused he reached out with his mind and concentrated on the bodyguards shoes. With deft precision he undid the laces on both shoes and then proceeded to tie them together. He then gave the unfortunate man a telepathic shove that propelled him into a rather large crowd of people sending himself and at least a dozen party goers to the floor with a loud number of squeals and screams. Basically a very embarrassing looking situation for the rather stupid bodyguard that hit Kail before. 

Kail then gagged in pain as a short stabbing migraine like flash went through his head. As it passed he put a hand to his nose and found it was bleeding. Mopping himself up with his jacket sleeve Kail moved on in search of Melissa in another attempt to salvage his night. 
Location: The General
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Velvet Deancer, AOM Glenn
"Um, yes indeed." replied Geoffrey to the consul's quick and elegant reply. He didn't really feel much like talking to his son when there was someone else nearby so with a few awkward glances he decided to drop out of the conversation, but to also find a good safe distance at which he could observe Monty. 

And thus with a standard, though slightly irritated phrase "Pardon me for a moment." he decided to move away from the two and to a good distance for keeping an eye on them both. Not too coincidentally Velvet happened to be at that same distance as well and he slowly began moving towards her, though not still too certain about how he would "coach" her to taking care of Monty.....yet. 
Location: The General
In-Story Timestamp: 02/28/2516
By Velvet Deancer, AOM Glenn

Monty watched out the corner of his eye as his father drifted away toward Velvet, he was concerned, but, there was nothing he could do right now and besides, Velvet held her own against all comers. Still, this was not a development he had counted on. However, the Counsel was his immediate concern. 

"Consul Remarque, I am glad you sought me out, there is an ink plant near our printing facilities in your system, that we are considering to use as a supplier, but we must do some testing to assure quality of ink. I was wondering, if the Monarchy could suggest to the vendor to submit to the testing. we have placed an order by exception with them, but, in order to make it a permanent contract we will need to test. Is there something you could assist with in this matter?" 

Monty listened for the Consul's response, still watching the scene between his father and Velvet from the corner of his eye.

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