Catalena Class Destroyer

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Flag State: Terran Democratic Republic
Civilian Ship: No
Type: Destroyer
Purpose: Patrol

Key Figures

Length: 705 m
Width: 235 m
Height: 201 m
# built: 500
Crew: 300
Compartment: 15

Comparative Ratings


Basic Description

Description of the Ship:

Every fleet of starships has the class of vessel who fulfils the majority of the fleet's day-to-day business. For the Terran Democratic Republic, this ship is the Catalena class.

A simply designed ship with medium speed, firepower and defensive systems, the ship is the 'work horse' of the Terran fleet, replacing the outdated Excalibur class of ship.

The Catalena class ship is designed primarily for the defence of the Republic - it is destroyers who patrol the borders of the Republic and keep the peace in far flung regions of space.

The perfect balance between speed and firepower, the Catalena destroyer provides a class of ship capable of carrying out most routine missions.

Construction Details

First Commission: Hyperdate: 452.02.12 (2nd of December, 2452)

Faster-than-Light Drive System

Vortex Drive Manufacturer: Vexicorp
Vortex Engine Model: Variable Geometry MEPA/MILLD-M-XXI Class
Normal Cruising Speed: 5,434,000 km/sec
Emergency Speed: 6,700,000 km/sec
Maximum Speed: 6,378,000 km/sec

Defensive Systems

Anti-Fightercraft Defenses
Manufacturer: Sachs Military Supply Corporation
System Type: Mosquito Defence 9921
Gun Batteries: 9

Countermeasures and Interceptors

Counter Measures:
Manufacturer: Olympus Defence Systems
Type: Antelope-985
Range: 61000 Km
Payload: 26 maximum: 26
Anti Missile/Torpedoes Interceptors:
Manufacturer: Olympus Defence Systems
Type: Cobra-323
Range: 25631 Km
Payload: 8 maximum: 8

Laser System

Forward Laser Turrets: 2
Model: T-09
Firing Arc: 120 degree(s)
Firepower: 670 TW
Starboard Laser Turrets: 1
Model: T-06
Firing Arc: 120 degree(s)
Firepower: 450 TW
Port Laser Turrets: 1
Model: T-06
Firing Arc: 120 degree(s)
Firepower: 450 TW
Aft Laser Turrets: 2
Model: T-08
Firing Arc: 120 degree(s)
Firepower: 650 TW

Torpedo Systems

Forward Launchers: 2
Model: Swordfish
Available Payload: 26 torpedoes
Average Reload Time: 15 sec

Missile Systems:

Aft Launchers: 2
Model: Foxfire
Available Payload: 35 missiles
Average Reload Time: 12 sec

Special Systems

Onboard System
Name: Anti-Sensor Detection System
Model: United Air and Space Institute
Manufacturer: ASDS-6654-QO
Description of System:
Note: Anti-Sensor Detection System only work against starships which are far away, and cause a considerable energy drain on the ship using it.

Main Compartments

Total Compartments: 15
  • 01: Main Bridge
  • 02: Senior Officers' Quarters
  • 03: Junior Officers' Quarters
  • 04: Medical Bay, Recreational Facilities
  • 05: Enlisted Officers' Quarters
  • 06: Enlisted Officers' Quarters
  • 07: Main Engine Room, Main Computer Core
  • 08: Lasers, Torpedo Bays, Missiles
  • 09: Armoury
  • 10: Security Office, Brigs
  • 11: Support Craft Bay
  • 12: Cargo Bays
  • 13: Workshops
  • 14: Cargo Bays
  • 15: Environmental Systems

Main Compartments

Total Compartments: 15

Support Crafts on Board

Onboard Transport Pods: 3
Onboard Transport Crafts: 5
Onboard Repair Pods: 4

Main Bridge

The Main Bridge for the Catalena class ship differs from the Melbourne class Light Destroyer in that it adopts the bridge design found on the larger analogue vessels which is considerably more spacious than the smaller analogue module.

In the middle remains the Captain's chair. Over to his left is the Plot Room, which contains a tactical display screen (a transparent glass chart overlaid with computer lines and symbols to show borders and ships) and "tactical table," a circular table from which the Captain can command the battle.

In front of the captain's chair is the pilot's semi-circular set of consoles, and along the front wall are windows with a holographic display web installed in the struts, to zoom in on far away objects or focus on certain visuals.

Around the central Captain's chair are other stations including operations, communications and tactical. Two doors, one at the aft of the bridge and one over on the port side of the Plot Room lead away.

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