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AI capabilities and Battle OrBall versions

Inside it has a large data storage that allows it to store still and moving holographic images and project sound, it also contains a primitive AI that usually mirrors the child that owns it, the AI is capable of learning to a small degree.

OrBalls tend to be very popular with younger children and those that have few friends, although with certain software upgrades some children go for Battle OrBalls which act out holographic fights for their owners.

OrBalls: a child's dream and a parent's nightmare

They are programmed to be a companion to children originally intended to assist with schooling work by allowing the child to record thoughts on subjects or even whole lessons, however with the addition of an AI the OrBall became more of a toy than an educational aid.

The OrBall can levitate using hover technology at about 4-5 feet of the ground and can propel itself along, normally following it's owner as though on a leash. from the outside it is a perfect sphere, although the colour often varies. There is a limited ability to move other objects, but only if they are light and push-able.

Its outer shell is quite solid, normally to protect it against the vigour that children will put it through, although it will break eventually.


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