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Basic Details

Ventaar Hide and Seek Matte Painting by David Collins
Key Species Traits: Discrete, nationalist, secretive, reserved, militaristic
Original Homeworld(s): Gohorn Minor IV (Gohorn Minor Star System)
Faction(s) where found: Luna Minoris Confederacy
Population: 86 billion

Physical Characteristics

Average Weight: up to 80 kg
Average Height: up to 2.6 m
Maturing Cycle:
  • Ventaar eggs incubate for 2 months under supervision of Ventaar females
Biological Traits:
  • Chameleonic skin able to blend with surroundings
  • Webbed feet making them excellent swimmers
  • Able to survive in vacuums for short periods of time (5 minutes)
  • Males and females hard to distinguish physically
  • Have no hair on their bodies

Relationships and Family Structures:

Relationships and sexual behaviour:
  • Mating couples only last during the annual mating period

Family Structures:
  • Inexistent family culture:
    • Children reared in central education centres by the Ventaar government
    • Females have no desire to rear children in family units

Societal Structures

Societal details:
  • Society built around respect for one’s privacy
  • Secretive, and keep to themselves
  • Military subterfuge, cloak and dagger, political intrigue excites their passion
  • Strong military run and dominated by males, civil government is run by a matriarchy
  • Matriarchy selects its own, it is an invitation-only instance of government
  • 13 Matriarchs represent the 13 Traits deemed desirable in a Ventaar warrior
    • Each matriarch also leads a branch of government separate from the trait that they represent. A matriarch can represent courage but lead the Finance ministry
  • The military is a central tenements of Ventaar society:
    • Defending one’s country considered to be deeply honourable
    • Strict code of conduct
    • Mandatory military service, military intelligence most desirable branch of the military


Common phrases used:
  • “Honour is found in what you cannot see”

For Information

Additional Details:
  • Deeply respectful of superiors or individuals seen to be in a position of power
  • Led by a strict moral compass and expect the same of others
  • Generally reserved and abhor emotional outbursts
  • Discrete
  • Enjoy taking advantage of their ability to physically blend with environments
  • View Gohorns to be their peers and equals
  • Excel at subterfuge, cloak and dagger,
Useable by other New Worlds team members: Yes

Ventaar by David Collins

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