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Basic Information

Profession: Soldier
Age: 39 years old
Date of Birth: 09, 9 Nov, 2014
Height: 72" m
Weight: 197 kg
Eye: Brown
Hair: Blk
Skin/Fur: Olive
Distinguishing Feature: N/A
Species: Human
Citizenship: Luna Minoris Confederacy
Gender: male
Marital Status: Single

Family History

Character’s Biography

Personal History:
SFC ELI Hawk T.D.R. (Special OPS)
HD: 501.04.22

Department of Personnel Records
Personnel Number: 921-69-2126

Name: Eli Hawk
Enlisted Rank: SFC Terran military (UNPPF)
M.O.S. 18Z
Current Assignment: Special Forces ( R.O.V. operator )
Government: T.D.R.

Basic Information

Species: Homo sapiens
Age: 38
Height: 72"
Weight: 220 Lbs
Hair Color: Black (shaved Bald)
Eye Color: Brown
Distinguishing Marks: several Tattoos

Family Information

Parents: Robert D Hawkins (Father) Betty L Washington (Mother)
Siblings: Two brothers, two sisters
Marital Status: Single

Psychological Information

Eli has always wanted to someone and he was sure how he would make it in life. Eli chooses a life of crime at first from the sprawls that the low lives became. The learned skills and adventures that he had landed him into trouble with the authorities. He never had the desire to follow in his parents footsteps. For he was never given the chance due to him not following his family wishes that he was "cut off from the old monies" from that was left to him by his grandfather. Eli's father is currently an engineer that works several different disciplines, while Eli's mother is a Medical Doctor (Family practice / OB/GYN) that teaches for the University. Given the cards that were dealt to him by life and the way that he was treated by his family, Eli wanted to be as far away from the Earth as possible. Eli wanted respect, command and he was going to get it one way or the other. Eli was going to enlist into the service. When he enlisted he was still in high school and was avoiding the authorities from asking questions about his where abouts during a shooting that killed a gang of youth.

Eli is a very quiet, professional, and very deadly, when cross which is his one of his weak points. Eli works well alone as well as in a group. He tends to either sit back or take charger when others balk. Eli is like a diamond in the rough, he can be anything he wants to be with time and the proper motivation. Eli can make decisions quickly, and performs better when the pressure is on! And is willing to live with the consequences. Eli is known to take someone under his wing to mold for his use, aka a side kick.

Personal History

Child-hood and Adolescence

Eli grew up in a small town in the shadows of the metropolitans cities that held work for the masses. His parents would travel to the city during the week and gather up the family and head to the smaller suburbs that were fine until high school years. Things chanced dramatically for his family as becoming a young adult mixed with love, sex and women, for it was a hard lesson. The price was hatred and violence which dishonored his family into small scale scandals that caused more grief for the youth. Gangs, poverty and violence never went out of style it just got more complicated. The end of adolescence was in the summer of 2376.

Career History
Toni started as an enlisted person on several planets. Gaining experience as he went, he later joined the mercenary group called "Lucifer's Lost legionnaires" patterned after the old earth French foreign legionnaires, Eli excelled at several different disciplines as seen below. Serving in several different conflicts around the solar system Eli is now a combat veteran of 5 different conflicts from the T.D.R.

Career History with the Terran military (UNPPF)


False enlistment
Jungle Warfare Training

UNPPF,1st UNPPF Div Weapons Plt (sniper), stationed at Mars Base
Counter sniper
Martain Penal Colony "Desert One"


23rd UNPPF Regement, 1st UNPPF Div Weapons Plt, stationed at Saturn's outpost ( L.P./O.P.)


75th Ranger Batt 3rd, Gold team "Urgent Fury"


Desert Storm - Warrant Officer O.D.A. 666 stationed at Mercury Base


SFOD - Warrant Officer (Delta Force) Psych ops
stationed at Earth


R.O.V. trainer, "Droid" (Earth's moon)


Merc work (reference Terran D. R. Security Docket D34-0023KF4)
C.H.R.I.S.T. (Corporate Hostage Rescue Interdiction. Shock trooper)
Requested and assigned Droid Asset STA921 ("Orb")


Jan: Began Physician Asst school, Bermuda , Earth

The Academy

Eli wasn't top of his class but he wasn't the bottom of the barrel either.
Meritorious promotion from private to private 2nd class during Boot camp (Honor Man)

Promotion Private 2nd Class to Private 1st Class ( A.I.T.) INFANTRY school

Metatorious promotion Private 1st class to corporal ( A.I.T.) INFANTRY school (Class leader, Highest P.F.T., top rifle score)

Promotion and Transfer Records

Corporal to Sergeant during N.C.O. School with Force Recon 1st UNPPF Div

Sergeant to Staff Sergeant recieved a Battle field commission while with Force Recon 1st UNPPF Div

Staff Sergeant to Sergeant first Class recieved a Battle field commission while with Special Forces 1st/ 11th Group

Warrant Officer recieved a Direct commission assigned to Delta Group SOCCOM (Earth)

CAR (Combat action) Marine action 3rd award
T.D.R. Naval Cross or UNPPF Cross (Blackened)
Special operations
Purple Heart 5th award
Wet Navy overseas (3rd award)
National Defense (7th award)
Good conduct Marine (Arabic ?M?, Hour glass, Arabic 3)
Good conduct Army (Arabic ?M?, Hour glass, Arabic 3)

Awards and Badges
Martian Grav chute (Army)
Earth Jump wings (Naval)
Earth Air assault
Combat Infantry Badge
Drill Sgt
Combat Diver (Army)
Expert Field Medic
Jungle warfare
Martian Combat Drop ship ( 9 bronze stars )
Ranger Tab
Special Forces

Military schools
Linguist (Arabic, Farsi, Spanish and Urdu)
Desert warfare specialist
"Grand Slammed" S.F.
Counter sniper

Additional Notes
Droid Asset STA921 ("Orb")
Special Forces "war pack"
Special Forces Mech / Droid Armor
Dislike for Gohorns, Eli has lost many friends to these savage beasts. Eli was over zealous and wiped out a small war band after a cease fire.
Eli is presently looking for his family to reunite himself with his family.

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