Zenalisk Oligarchy

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Census Details

Homeworlds: Zenal VII, Zenalisk System
Major Species: Zenalisk
Territory: 1 star systems
Population: 7 billion inhabitants
Sub-Faction: No

Comparative Details

Inventive, highly intelligent and technology advanced
Weak military, close proximity to the TDR and Gohorn Directorate
Social Indicators:
Tech Level:
Galactic Influence:

Faction’s Details


Highly advanced independent world wedged along the frontlines of the Terran/Gohorn War, the Zenalisk Oligarchy is badly placed.

 Though a race that engages frequently with others in trading and diplomacy, the Zenalisks find themselves in a particularly unfortunate position, as they attempt to juggle the interests of the warring powers which surround their star system completely.

Shortly after the war's beginning, serious rumours arose that the Zenal system was under secret Gohorn control. In 2503, this control was made formal when the Gohorns launched a surprise attack against nearby Terran systems from a staging point they had constructed within the Zenal system.

The Zenalisk people are now an unofficially subjugated race, with the government in hiding on Earth. The Directorate is using the Oligarchy's advanced fabrication techniques to produce war materiel.

Relationship with other factions:
  • At war with the Gohorn Directorate (occupied)
  • Allied with the Terran Democratic Republic
Notable Personalities:
  • First Tar'To'Tem,
  • Second Ro'Tar'Tol
  • Third Erp'Ork'Arn
Current Government Type:

The government in exile of the Zenalisk Oligarchy are the triumverate of Zenalisk leaders. First Tar'To'Tem, Second Ro'Tar'Tol and Third Erp'Ork'Arn currently reside on Earth lobbying the United Nations government for a concerted effort to free Zenal VII.

 On Zenal VII, Gohorn Commodore Fakar has been installed as the planet's commandant, controlling the population.

Social, Economic, Cultural Details:

A race of beings dedicated to the improvement of their own quality of life, self described as a 'race of inventors', the Zenalisk Oligarchy is one with advanced technology, attractive to both the Directorate and the Republic.

With advanced skills in manufacturing and computer technology, originally aimed for the Zenalisks as a way of producing and using commodity items, the Directorate has managed to put these skills to work in producing new weapons, ships and technology.

Zenalisk names are three-part constructions, eg. She-Be-Ran or Kah-Fer-Dek

Additional Details:
The Zenalisks are tall, scaly creatures with four arms. They are possessed of considerable intellect and excellent vision. However, the majority of Zenalisks use hearing aids to increase their poor hearing.

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