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Colony populated by mostly Dividian settlers. Jitiiji is a colony containing a small farming community. The community's life is focused around the town of X'Eevra whose districts are identified by their geographical position. X'Eevra North, X'Eevra South, X'Eevra East and X' Eevra West. Population- 32,500.

The Northern district boasts most of the town's stores and communal centres, it is naturally the centre of city life.

The Southern district employs most of the town's farmers as this is where most of the farms are located.

The Eastern district employs the few labourers skilled in the arts of manufacturing and is where most of the industrial production takes place.

The Western district is the colony's link to the rest of the Known Galaxy as it is where a large ship port is located for the import and export of products.
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