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A colony populated by Dividian settlers. Small colony containing two towns, Production-land and New Outlook.

Production-land is a small town with five large factories, three schools, one hospital, one temple, a handful of shops and cafes, two parks and a population of less than five-hundred people.

New Outlook is a retirement town where retired Dividians often buy small houses and live out their days in this gated community (much like human suburbs appear) with its large healthcare focus. A self-sufficient town with its own community center, hospital, two temples, a dance hall, a variety of shops, and restaurants, and three parks.

New Outlook has a series of new public baths and a large staff of doctors and nurses who make visits to citizens three times a week and make house-calls to sick or dying citizens whenever called, day or night. Population is over 1000 citizens and nearly 1000 staff members.

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