132nd Infantry Regiment / Romeo Company / R25 1LT Rhian Blackburn

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Personnel Number: 147 - 989 - 135

Officer Name: Rhian Blackburn
Officer Rank: 02 1st Lieutenant
Current Assignment: Training Installation  F24C1 "The Sandbox", Alpha Centauri Sector
Government: Terran [TDR]

Basic Information

Species: Human
Age: 24
Date of Birth: May 26th 2477
Height: 6.5
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Distinguishing Marks: several small scars across body [mostly on legs chest and arms] plus one large Scar across the his face starting above the right side of his right eyebrow, ending just below the right side of his mouth a few millimetres from the corner of his mouth. 

Family Information

Parents: Randy Howard Jefferson [Father] an engineer builds Road Ways and Space ports [Devorced Suzanne when they moved to Cairo]

Suzanne Jane Blackburn [Mother] Unemployed
Siblings: None that the Character knows of

Psychological Information

wants to surve his time in the Army /UNPPF. Since his Birth he had this idea of being a hero to others in need. when the war broke out he wanted to finish his time in the Academy so he can go out and fight and lead his men to glory in the history books.

He is a relaxed / serious person. so you could say he is on the fence. so he is not childish and he is not tough serious guy. he doesn't have great friend making skills but, when he does make one he/she is family.

Personal History

Child-hood and Adolescence
in his childhood and growing up before the academy he was the kid that no thought highly of his skills that he did have. but he still acted like he was part of the group. was beat up when he was a kid because of his lack of interpersonal skills, he was one of the few people that always got sent to the office for fighting or doing something wrong, when he thought he was right or he was defending himself.
he badly wanted to join up and help people. he was born on the Project planet Alpha at one of the High Atmosphere Stations. the high gravity made him shorter than most humans on Earth he gained muscle and "big boned - ness" he moved when he was 12 and moved to Cairo. moving in to Cairo was different for Rhys, the hot weather and the desert like climate from the Urban landscape was an interesting change for him. he act more freely more relaxed than he was on Alpha. [he also had an other growth spurt]

The Academy 
While in the Academy on Earth he fit in more with his fellow peers. three quarters through his Career in the academy the second Terran/Gohorn War Started. at this point he had a decision to make. go one more year? or go and get assigned to a troop and go fight. he came to the Academy to lead, even if it was just a platoon. so he stayed for the last year. he hoped to get sent some where he could help out.

Career History
after finishing his time in the Academy he was promoted to O2- 1ST LIEUTENANT then he was assigned a platoon of rookies. and is now waiting assignment to a battalion or taskforce.

Promotion and Transfer Records
2497 Started training at the academy
2501 finished training at the academy
Promoted to O2- 1ST LIEUTENANT
Assigned a Platoon to command [Romeo-0-2-5 or Romeo25]
Transferred to Northern Canada to await assignment
Sent to Training Installation  F24C1 "The Sandbox", Alpha Centauri Sector

Additional Notes
Changed last name to mothers maiden name when he enlisted in the UNPPF
Romeo - 0 - 2 - 5 Roster (Romeo 25-Actual

Command team
1LT Rhian Blackburn
2LT John Robertson
FSGT Peter Osei
CPL Joe Ramirez

Alpha Team (Romeo 25-Alpha / R25A)

SSGT Robin Garrett
Spec Ramzan Usamov (RTO)

1st Squad
Cpl John O'Sullivan
PVT1 Robert A. Greene
PVT1 Aza Najm al Din Quraishi
PVT1 Seth De Vis
PVT1 Thiago Correia Carvalho

2nd Squad
CPL Tia Gill
PVT1 Lilly Shen
PVT1 Nedeljko Kolar
PVT1 Jan Virág
PVT1 Lærke N. Kristoffersen

Bravo Team  (Romeo 25-Bravo/ R25B)

SGT Jeff Oliver
CPL Bradly Allan

1st Squad
SPEC Katie Wilson
PVT1 Zovra Akhtakhanov
PVT1 Lydie van Zanen
PVT1 Alice Lewis
PVT1 Morgan North

2nd Squad
SPEC Corey Johnson
PVT1 Tekle Massawa
PVT1 Erno Korjus
PVT1 Somer Abril
PVT1 Ralph Wulf

Charlie Team (Romeo-25-C / R25C)
SGT Jack "Zero" Summers
CPL Mike Quinn

1st Squad
SPEC Joshua Wood
PVT1 Cecilie Jensen
PVT1 Matty Abrego Cepeda
PVT1 Regina Stavrou
PVT1 Barabás Kelemen

2nd Squad
CPL Dack Janiels
PVT1 Esjar Sigurlaugsson
PVT1 Serena Pinto
PVT1 Aiya Gatou
PVT1 Morath Devari

Delta Team (Romeo-25-Delta / R24D)
SGT Imager Dorsch
SPEC Michael "Nova" Nantz

1st Squad
SPEC. Cait "Cat" Archer
PVT1 Aniina Heyerdhal
PVT1 Dany Gullaksen
PVT1 Asia Walczak
PVT1 Hleb Kozlov

2nd Squad
Cpl. Melo "Brazil" Goncalves
PVT1 Philip Kennedy
PVT1 Florjan Oršic
PVT1 Nathanael Carlsson
PVT1 Ronald H. Drysdale
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