Balance of Power in the Former Territories of the Natashan Nation

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Empires have risen in place of the Nation, their borders chaotic as every inhabited world dashed to control as much as possible. Some powers are more important than others, some of them are even more oppressive than the Natashans were.

Since nature abhors a vacuum, the vacuum of power in the Natashan Nation has been filled by all the people the Natashans once tried to conquer, and those Natashans wishing a return to the old ways:

  • Fra'Al Empire
    Dead but undimmed by time, the personal legacy of the Empek Ring lives on. Conceived as elite warriors of the Empeks, the Fra'Al hold one of the largest empires of the Former Territories. They are revered by some and hated by many. Some empires want their territory, others see them as a symbol of the last remnants of the Natashan Nation.

  • Xkal Hegemony
    Alliance of Xkal populated worlds and other planets looking for mutual protection and security, the Xkal Homeworld controls the alliance by agreement of worlds who want no part in intergalactic affairs.

  • Kaleem Empire
    Thought destroyed in one of the Natashan Holy Crusades, the Kaleem bit back with a vengeance at the collapse of the Nation, seizing one of the primary Natashan ship-building facilities and a score of colonies.

  • Owa Nation
    Former mining world of the Natashan Nation, the Owa are reclusive opportunists, expanding quietly whilst revealing their true selves to very few. They have become known as the spymasters of their local areas of space, the Owa are very efficient at intelligence gathering, it is their main means of expansion.

  • Zaqlartakon Nation
    A politically fractured nation that juggles the competing demands of three groups of individuals, the religious, the capitalist and the pragmatic, the main concern of the Zaqlartakon Nation is with protection from the Fra'Al, their greatest enemy.
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