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Starport Helles (OIP Zone 213) (505.02.05: 5th February 2505) - A Gohorn Directorate Hospital Ship rescued three dozen Terran civilians last Monday, administrators from Starport Helles reported.

The Hospital Ship was operating as a support vessel for a Gohorn task force when it picked up a distress signal from a Terran civilian liner.

The liner, which was assuring the Saturn to Luna Minoris route, had come under attack by a group of pirate ships.

The liner had been severely damaged and was on the verge of reaching critical mass. The Gohorn hospital vessel arrived and was able to evacuate all civilians.

Starport Helles confirmed that the Gohorn Directorate Hospital ship then took it upon itself to drop off the Terran civilians to the nearest neutral starport.

Starport Helles, a small trading post governed by the Organisation for Interstellar Peace, being the chosen destination.

The Terran civilians weren't available for interviews, Terran military officials are said to be occupied in debriefing and counseling. The event, has solicited a lot of interest from the Organisation for Interstellar Peace and pacifists on both sides of the conflict.

"This is a clear example of an act done in good faith...Surely if military officers can overcome the war and act in a manner that is honourable then surely our governments can do the same and find a solution to a conflict which has no purpose being."
Mr. Nadiya, Executive Director of Peace for Sentients commented.

Military officials of the United Nations Permanent Peacekeeping Force refuted Mr. Nadiya's claims, stating he was oversimplifying the situation.

Families of the rescued civilians were expected to deliver a message of thanks to the Gohorn hospital ship in question as well as the Gohorn Directorate government. There has also been talk of the families meeting with officials from the UN General Assembly in order to encourage them to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

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