Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Issues

Every project that is produced on New Worlds Project within the September deadline is incorporated into anthologies which are sold and promoted by New Worlds Project ASBL on behalf of the Contributors on New Worlds Project: Shop and with our distribution partners. Contributors are automatically eligible for our Royalties Scheme in accordance with the standard royalties breakdown for solo and collaborative projects approved by the New Worlds Project ASBL General Assembly.
New Worlds Project ASBL is the copyright claimant for New Worlds Project's Setting and offers a free limited license-to-use for Contributors to New Worlds Project: Communities for the purposes of creating derivative projects based on the setting.

Upon submission to the New Worlds Project: Communities, and signature of our Copyright License and Transfer Agreement, New Worlds Project ASBL becomes the copyright claimant for Collaborative Projects, and the exclusive license holder for Solo Projects (Solo Contributors retain their copyright).

In both cases, you benefit from a range of continued permitted uses including the right to include the project in your portfolio provided you credit New Worlds Project as your inspiration, the right to self-archive your pre-completed work, to re-use it in other publications so long as the publication is less than half of the used content, for education purposes, or in presentations.

A copy of the standard contract can be downloaded in our Resources section found under the 'Resources' tab.
New Worlds Project does not claim copyright to stories not using the New Worlds Project setting. However, you grant to New Worlds Project a perpetual right-to-use of any content you have submitted to New Worlds Project for inclusion in publications and promotional activities of the New Worlds Project ASBL.