Frequently Asked Questions

Leading a Project

Any regular or premium member can become a project leader of a collaborative project by submitting new project request using 'My Content Manager,' you can always get preliminary advice and solicit interest and support using our community channels like our forums, chat rooms, ChatBox, or Private Messenger .

It's a good idea to recruit a group of contributors to join you before you launch your collaborative project. Co-contributors' names can be included in your project proposal. All contributors will need to sign a copyright transfer agreement to protect the project and your joint contributions to it.

The Support Team will review the proposal for consistency before clearing the creation of the collaborative project and setting up the necessary project area as quickly as possible.
  • Recruit a stellar project group

    As a project leader, your responsibilities are to recruit and keep your project group excited about your project outline.

  • Put together a project outline to help you finish the project you start

    The project outline serves as a roadmap for your 360⁰ Creativity Project. If you modify your outline significantly, please contact a member of the Support Team if it is likely to impact the setting or create compatibility problems with the rest of the setting.

  • Manage the composition of your project group

    As Project Leader you can accept or reject any applicants wishing to join the collaborative project. You decide how the story ends and how people participate.

  • Use our platforms to increase collaboration in your group

    New Worlds Project provides you with a number of tools and platforms to collaborate with your project team and to showcase your project which you are welcome to use.

  • Use our resources to become a stellar leader

    We also organise meetings and events to promote your work and to help you in your capacity as project leader. The Support Team is there to support you in any way you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, suggestions, or feedback.

  • Set the pace - get it finished in time for the September deadline!

    You can set the pace of your project and have the challenge of getting your project concluded in time for the annual September deadline.
Submit your project proposal using 'My Content Manager'. You can contact the Support Team for approval updates. We aim to get projects approved as quickly as possible so that you don’t waste time waiting for us.
You're welcome to contact any registered member of New Worlds Project to invite them to join your project team. We recommend using our Private Messenger feature!

You can also post calls for Co-Contributors on our forums in the 'Creative Atelier', and feel free to post requests on our social media presences (links at the bottom of our website) where we get a lot of visitors, and don't forget to use our ChatBox and chat rooms to invite people to join your project team.

We also encourage you to invite contributors from outside of the New Worlds Project community to participate in your project! A great place to recruit people, for example, is RPG-Directory (for writers), DeviantArt (for Artists), or dedicated social media groups on Facebook and Google+.
Project leaders have full powers to accept or reject applicants to their project teams. Project leaders will be contacted by Support Team members by e-mail or private message if requests to join are received.

To accept a member, Project Leaders are invited to contact the Support Team providing the user name and if possible the e-mail address of the individual to be added to the project. We will handle the contractual aspects before adding the Contributor to your project team.

This ensures all team members to have access to the project space, and also the project team will be able to communicate with one another via private messages thereby increasing the quality of the project.
As Project Leader, one of your responsibilities is to project manage. Refer the members which are in conflict to the terms of service and invite them to resolve their differences in private. Be fair in your judgement and if you feel uncomfortable with the conflict feel free to ask for the aid of a Support Team Member.