Artanis Faust

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Artanis Faust - 16 - Human - Earth

Basic Information

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Profession: Currently unemployed
Age: Sixteen years old
Date of Birth: 12 Sep, 2500
Height: 5"8' m
Weight: 145lbs kg
Eye: Dark brown.
Hair: Black
Skin/Fur: Lightly tanned.
Distinguishing Feature: Slim and slender, his body hides muscle tone and gives the appearance of an underfed child.
Species: Human
Citizenship: Terran Democratic Republic
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single

Family History

Parents: His mother, Amelia died at he age of 29 and while his father, Jehrico (31) is alive he has been established as a missing person. Although due to the familys low economical and social standing the search for him is not of importance.
Siblings: No siblings are known of.

For information

Author’s Notes on the Character:
Artanis is a telepath and although his powers are unknown currently he will develop into a strong force to be reckoned with. Yet will he fight for justice or his own selfish desires has yet to be decided. He is a young teenager and is at the stage in life where he will be molded by people and life experiences.
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