P.O.E. Bomber Mk. 3b

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Flag State: Buhaat Conglomerate
Civilian Ship: No
Type: Fighter Bomber
Purpose: Forward Assault

Key Figures

Length: 8.5 m
Width: 7 m
Height: 6.7 m
# built: 200,000
Crew: 2

Comparative Ratings


Basic Description

To help with the Buhaat Conglomerate, the TDR planned and made over 200K fighter bombers. However, these were cheap, often some systems suffering from extensive damage. The companies that made those systems were subject of controversy, making second rate copies of other models.

They were made to be cheap to save the TDR money, and to be able to make more of them.

This particular one is slightly better than the Mk 1 and Mk 2, offering a small, weak shielding that disperses energy in small amounts, but still damages it greatly if hit too much. The apparent lack of pilot space was also improved, allowing two pilots to help each other; one flies, one manages the systems. 

This was helpful in building the Buhaat Militia, and even though it's not perfect, the Conglomerate appreciates the offer of the POE Bombers.

Sub-Light Propulsion System

Manufacturer: Campbell Aerospace Tech
Model: Polarized Optics Engine (POE) v.2.0.7.
Normal Cruising Speed: 10 km/sec
Emergency Speed: 28 km/sec
Maximum Speed: 30 km/sec

Laser System

Forward Laser Turrets: Plasma Turret
Model: Jaeger IV
Manufacturer: Nemo Aeronautics
Firing Arc: 55 degree(s)
Firepower: 2 TW

Missile Systems:

Forward Launchers: Ionized Capsule Missile
Model: Tygar X-009
Manufacturer: ExoGuns Weapon Manufacturing.
Available Payload: 20 missiles
Average Reload Time: 8 sec

Special Systems

Onboard System
Name: Nano-Magnetic Barrier
Model: EX-0078
Manufacturer: ExoGuns Weapon Manufacturing
Description of System:
Using a thin layer of magnetized nanobots, this system helps disperse the projectiles of other weapons. 

However, this is supposed to be used for Armor on infantry, so it was modified to fit a ship like the POE Bomber.
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